Off Campus Job Posting

University of New Mexico

Employer: Dr. Kristin Rytter Job Number: rytter
Job Title: A Valuable experience in Your Student Job Post Date: 03/28/2012
Hourly Rate: $12/hr Address: New Mexico
Positions: 3 Apply to: kristin rytter and staff
Work Hours: part time Telephone & Email: 206-349-8777
Description: Help a very independent woman, who has a severe physical disability, with everyday needs. This is the right fit for someone who is dependable and respecting of others' independence and lifestyles - a wicked sense of humor helps too! Students have found the job rewarding for the opportunity to learn from her and have some variety in a job. Nights and weekends are available to work around your school schedule, but expect to work a set schedule. Pay is $12. For more information and to apply go to Https://

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