WELCOME - after  a 4 month hiatus due to serious health issues, I am back!  Join me in an artistic journey where I explore and create works in pastel, oil, watercolor. and also block prints and monotypes.  Subjects range from pastoral scenes to aerial views meant to highlight the vast space, form and light of the Desert Southwest.  There's also a non-traditional side of me too.  Enjoy your visit!

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To all my valuated family, friends and colleagues from my almost 59 years of life so far - receiving news back in February that I have Glioblastoma has been a roller coaster of emotion and reality. Thank you from the deepest part of my soul for ALL the cards and emails expressing your support and love! Hopefully I can express my appreciation personally to each of you.   Who knows how long we have on this planet?

I am still planning to show my oil paintings at the NM Arts and Crafts festival June 27-29 at the NMEXPO / State Fair fairgrounds (Indoors). Hope you can stop by and you can see one of the things I have passion for in life. All I can say is let's live to the max!
I am on a third strategy of battling the tumor
Avastin - a monoclonal antibody - so far it is working great with some side effects = oh well! Earlier I have gone through 6 weeks of radiation and also another chemotherapy drug - Temodar.



 May 2013 WORK - Canyons of Ancients series.  I was selected as an Artist in Residence at Canyons of Ancients National Monument in far SW corner of Colorado.  I stayed there 8 days and worked on art and then completed a series of prints from photos and studies.  The experience was tremendous and was exhibited later in 2013 at a show courtesy of Colgate Craig at the Framing Concepts Gallery/

  These are reduction linoleum block prints

Painted Hand ruin" 6" x 9" 4 - color linoleum block; print ed. of 7

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Jeff in his booth with new oil paintings at 2008 NM Arts and Crafts Fair


How to contact me - Phone 505-897-8621

1019 Guadalupe Ct., N.W.   Alameda, NM 87114-2325


EMAIL:  jpotter@unm.edu

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