Jacqueline C. Shane

Centennial Science and Engineering Library

University of New Mexico

Albuquerque, NM87131

jshane@unm.edu ††††††††† tel. (W)505/277-5327






††††††††††† Master of Science, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, 1992.


Bachelor of Science, Agricultural Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1987.


Additional coursework in Biology, University of New Mexico (see continuing education).



Library and Information Science Experience


††††††††††† Science Librarian, Associate Professor, University of New Mexico (June 1996-present).

         Reference librarian for scientific and technical information.

         Library instruction coordinator.

         Interim head of reference.

         Interim Map Library Coordinator.

         Selector and liaison for Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

         Patent and Trademark Librarian for New Mexico.

         Web master for Patents, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science home pages (url: http://elibrary.unm.edu/csel/).


††††††††††† Government Information Librarian,University of New Mexico (August 1995-June 1996).

         Provided reference and information service.

         Designed and taught library instruction courses.

         Created instructional materials.††††††††

         Processed federal documents.

         Coordinated implementation of electronic shipping list and Marcive tapes.


††††††††††† Documents Reference / Government Information Technology Specialist,Emory ††††† University (February 1993-August 1995).

         Provided reference service at the government documents and science libraries.

         Developed collection with an emphasis on electronic media.

         Managed design and purchase of local area network.

         Created and taught library research classes and user guides.

         Trained staff in the use of the Internet and new CD-ROM products.

         Hired, trained, directed, and evaluated reference support staff.


††††††††††† Information Consultant, Database Analysis Project,W.K. Kellogg National Rural Studies †††††††† †††††††††† Committee, Oregon State University, (October 1992-December 1992).

         Recommended core and expanded lists of journals; updated indexing terminology for primary social science indices.

         Developed methodology for future subject-specific database evaluation.




Graduate Assistant, Government Documents Library, University of Illinois (May 1991-August 1992).

         Answered documents-related queries via print and computerized sources.

         Conducted workshops on the use of government documents for research.

         Acquired, cataloged, and distributed state documents for the library's central and departmental collections.


Graduate Assistant, Reference Library, University of Illinois (August 1990 to August 1992).

         Created new library instruction program.

         Provided general reference and bibliographic services.

         Searched online and locally-mounted databases.

         Taught bibliographic instruction; conducted research counseling.


††††††††††† Hebrew Language Cataloger, Asian Library, University of Illinois (May 1990-May 1991).

         Cataloged Hebrew monographs.

         Selected and purchased new Hebrew language materials.







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         Online Open Archive Publication (Refereed)


Proline's function in cold stress and osmoregulation in carrot culture suspensions,Reprinted February 2004, hosted at UNMís DSpace.


         Art Work


Dirt Rag Mag, http://www.dirtragmag.com/. Issue 112, Feb. 2004, p. 23.


  • Conference Proceedings



Copyright Fundamentals for Science and Engineering Faculty:How to Preserve Your Rights. Conference Proceedings, Council for Higher Education Computing Services, Farmington, NM, April 1997.†††


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         Book Reviews


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So You Think You Have a Great Invention (view slides), Mountain Plains Library Association Annual Conference, 2005.


Using the Patent Literature to Locate Chemical Information (view slides), Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association Panel, American Library Association Annual Conference, Toronto, submitted June 2003.

American Association of Law Libraries, presented Conducting a Patent Search, (view slides), Phoenix, AZ.December 2004.

Five-State Documents Conference, presented Patentability Searching with Class, Santa Fe, New Mexico August 2004.

Association of Research Libraries, Minority Director's Group, presented The Minority Engineering Bridge Program:A case study In partnering a grant (view slides), Albuquerque, August 2003.

New Mexico Library Association, Annual Conference, presented How to conduct a patent or trademark search on the Internet, (Albuquerque, April 2001).


New Mexico Library Association, Annual Conference, presented How to conduct a patent or trademark search when you are far from a patent depository, (Taos, April 2000).


Council for Higher Education Computing Services, presented Copyright Fundamentals forScience and Engineering Faculty:How to Preserve Your Rights, with Donna Cromer, (Farmington, NM, November 1996).††††††


††††††††††† New Mexico Library Association, presented Finding Government Information on the †††††††††† Internet, (Las Cruces, NM, March 1996).


††††††††††† Invited speaker at the University of New Mexicoís anti-defamation rally, Spring 1996.


Council for Higher Education Computing Services, presented Access is Ownership:The People Become the Public Printer with Dan Barkley, (Roswell, NM, November 1995).


††††††††††† American Library Association, presented An Update to Government Information on the †††††† Internet,(New York, June 1996).


††††††††††† American Library Association, co-taught two full-day pre-conferences, entitled:Finding ††††† Government Information on the Internet, (Miami, June 1994 and Chicago, June 1995).


††††††††††† Georgia Library Association Conference, presented Internet Update for Government †††††††††† Documents LibrariansóGopher, WAIS, and Mosaic, (Augusta, GA, October 1994).


American Society for Information Science Mid-year Conference, presented Rural Ties to the Internet:A Sociological Overview,(Portland, OR, May 1994).


††††††††††† Lincoln Trail Libraries System Conference,presented Collection and Acquisition of ††††††††††† Government Documents, (Springfield, IL, 1992).



Professional Affiliations


Patent and Trademark Depository Library Association, elected Representative District 11 (Southwestern district) (member 1995-present, officer 1999-2001).


American Society for Engineering Educators, Engineering Libraries Division (1998-2003).


New Mexico Library Association (1995-present); newsletter editor and board member 1996-2000.Interim advertisement coordinator, 1996-97.


Special Libraries Association, Science and Technology Section (June 1997-present).


††††††††††† American Library Association; Government Documents Round Table (1993-1997).


††††††††††† Council on Higher Education Computing Services (1995-1999).


††††††††††† GODORT Ad Hoc Committee on the Internet, ALA, appointed member (1994-96).


††††††††††† American Society for Information Science (1994-96).


††††††††††† Georgia Library Association (1993-95).



UNM Committees


Faculty Senate Computer Use Committee, (2004-present, chair since 2005)


Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, 2005-2007††††


††††††††††† Information Technology Cabinet, 2005-present


Faculty Senate, (2002-present, library alternate)



UNM General Library Committees


††††††††††† Library Faculty Search Coordinator, (2004-present)


Library Instruction Committee (LIRIC), (1996-2004), (chair 1997/98)


††††††††††† Brown Bag Committee, Chair 2003-present


Outreach Committee (2000-2005)


Committee on Committees (1999-2001; chair 2001)


††††††††††† University Curriculum Committee (1996-2005)


††††††††††† Intellectual Property Committee (1996-2004)


Ad Hoc Orientation Committee (1996-1997), revised Employee Handbook; developed mentoring proposal


††††††††††† Alternative Library Electronic Resources Team (ALERT), (1995-1999)


††††††††††† Development of Internet Tools (DO-IT), (1995-1999)


††††††††††† Library Forum Steering Committee (1996-1999)





Minority Engineering Bridge Program awarded by NSF, grant instruction coordinator, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, (UNM), 2002.


Contract with Sandia National Laboratories.Development of database access & archiving strategy for viewgraphs & publication.Principle investigator:Jackie Shane (UNM); Supervisor: Jim Novak (SNL).March-August 1996.


Volunteer, Charles Darwin Research Center library, Galapagos, Ecuador:cataloged over 500 scientific reprints, sorted over 6,000 slides (August 1998).



Community Involvement


University of New Mexico Bicycle Club, founder, faculty advisor (1999-present).Moderator for BIKE2UNM-L listserv.


BikeABQ (treasurer 1998-1999, secretary 1999-2004).Organized Albuquerque Bike Swap 2002.


Womenís Voices Magazine, treasurer (1995-1997).


New Mexico Research, Education, and Enrichment Foundation, board member (1995-1997).


University of New Mexico Animal Protectors on Campus, faculty advisor (1997, 1999).



Continuing Education:Courses, Workshops, and Conferences


Courses completed at the University of New Mexico:Introduction to ArcGIS, Computational Biology/Genomics, Science Writing, Applied Ecology, Molecular Cell Biology, Cell Biology, Genetics, Conservation Biology, Biology I and II, Calculus, Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Graphics, PowerPoint, Conversational Spanish.


American Society for Engineering Educators annual conference, Albuquerque, 2001. Engineering Librarian's Division regional events coordinator.


Patent and Trademark Depository Library Seminars, Crystal City, VA, 1998-2004.


American Society for Engineering Educators, annual conference, Seattle, 1998.


Special Libraries Association, annual conference, Seattle, 1997.


NMCAL Workshop on Legal and Medical Reference, Albuquerque, 1997.


National Teleconference, Managing Libraries for the 21st Century, sponsored by SLA.


4-MAT Seminar (addresses learning styles), UNMGL, University of New Mexico, 1996.


ArcView training, (Spatial Data Analysis Lab, Albuquerque) ESRI, 1996.


Library Management Skills Institute I:The Manager.ARL/OMS Workshop, Chicago, 1994.


Introduction to UNIX,Emory University, Atlanta, 1994.


ARL/GIS participant at the annual ESRI Geographic Information Systems User Conference, Palm Springs, CA, 1993.



Foreign languages


††††††††††† Fluent in Hebrew; introductory Spanish and French.

last updated:March 2006