UNM Bicycle Club

The University of New Mexico Bicycle Club

is a venue for all types of bicycle riders and people who are considering riding. The club is meant to be a political venue as well as a social hub for riders to meet and plan group rides. Though the club is currently inactive, we have an online discussion group. These is how to subscribe and send messages: To subscribe, send a message to:


type in body of message:

SUBSCRIBE BIKE2UNM-L Firstname Lastname

To send a message, write to


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The Soapbox

Given that the air quality of Albuquerque is declining due to auto emissions, and given that the weather is almost always gorgeous in New Mexico, ridership in the state should be one of the highest in the country. If you are interested in finding a safe bicycle route check out the City of Albuquerque Bicycle Map If you would like to make Albuquerque more bicycle friendly, you can make a difference by participating in GASP aka. the "Greater Albuquerque Spokes People."

Other Local Bicycle Groups include:

For further information contact: jshane@unm.edu