It was a great time! R.I.P. Albuquerque Outlaws (1986), New Mexico Roadrunners (1990) and New Mexico Chiles (A.P.S.L 1990, 1991-1996 USISL, USL).
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Anyhow, here is a preview. I am watching some of the games I had taped, depending on bandwith use, I may drop in a few quicktime clip here and there.

I will be posting some of the history of the early years of the S.I.S.L, S.O.S.L, U.S.I.S.L and the USL.

This site is in honor to Mark Wheeler (U.S. Soccer History) and Ron Higggins (owner, Dallas Rockets).

Ron was a great friend and a member of the US beer drinking team. I miss those times and the few beers that went with them. His team was great on the field but they lost their shoes in the bar. - Joe

New Mexico Chiles





Map to Wilson Stadium

Map to Milne Stadium

The USISL Early Years