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GUI for calculating 1st and 2nd order statistics from imagesGUI for calculating 1st order and 2nd order - texture (from GLCM matrix) statistic - from images
Image fusion: resolution merge (improve spatial resolution)GUI for improving spatial resolution of image by RGB-HSI image fusion

GUI for Multivariate Image Analysis of 4-dimensional dataMultivariate Image Analysis of 4-dimensional image sequences using 2-step two-way and three-way data analysis
Automatic Image Registration using (Normalized) Mutual Information for users of IP toolbox  
Rigid (translation and rotation) automatic registration of images using normalized mutual information
 Automatic Image Registration 
Using mutual information for users with no access to IP toolbox.
 GUI for Multivariate Image Analysis of Multispectral Images
A GUI for MIA of multispectral image data sets (PCA, Simplisma, MCR, classification).
 Image to Volume Conversion for Representing Materials Topography
Converts a single image (microscopy, topogrpahy) into array of images.
 GUI for Visualizing 3D Volumetric Data
This is a GUI for visualizing volume data. Includes rendering volumes, displaying isosurfaces.
 Mapping Intensities in Images into New Values
Functions for stretching MIN and MAX limits of original images to new values.
 Open spectral and Image Kratos VMS Files
vms_im_read.m and sp_im_read.m functions for opening VMS files.