Leslie A. Donovan's Favorite Links

Old English/

Labyrinth's Old English Section
Provides a useful collection of Old English primary texts and other resources

ORB's Anglo-Saxon England: A Guide to Online Resources
A useful summary of basic AS history and its sources on the web

Carol Percy's Old English pages
A very impressive collection of bibliographic and other useful general links

Cathy Ball's Old English Pages
Fabulous encyclopedic compendium of resources for the study of Old English and Anglo-Saxon England

Hwæt! Old English in Context
Learn basic OE through reading

Learning Old English
An introduction to Old English grammar on the Web, with exercises, developed by Tony Jebson

Old English at the University of Calgary
Excellent summaries of grammar as well as online exercises

Old English Aerobics
A wonderful site with online exercises and useful tools for leaning Old English

Old English Lessons (Brown University)
Excellent online lessons and exercises

Ða Engliscan Gesiþas
Many links to helpful and important information on OE culture and history

History of the English Language
Site with lots of resources on the history of English.

Bright's Old English Glossary
Public domain text of one of the most commonly used glossaries of Old English,

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts
Online images of AS manuscripts

Map of Anglo-Saxon England

Britannia's Timeline of British History

Sources in Anglo-Saxon Literary Culture
Research site for investigating the Latin and continental sources and backgrounds of Anglo-Saxon texts. The site opens with Ambrose but contains other works that can be searched.

The Wanderer Project
A site
providing several translations and manuscript images of the Old English poem.

Dragons in the Sky: English Speaking Communities at the close of the First Millennium
Scholarly articles on various topics relating to English society in and around the year 1000

ORB's Select Bibliography On Sutton Hoo, 1939-1993, compiled by Gregory F. Rose

See also "Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon Culture" links for Our Medieval Inheritance course

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