Course Goals Cimte 443 Children’s Literature



(1)  To become familiar with a varied selection of the vast quantity of multicultural and international literature that has been written for children by reading widely from this literature, across cultures and across genres, including picture books, traditional folk and fairy tales, novels, poetry, and informational books.


(2)  To learn to select and evaluate books for children.


(3)  To become a better “critic” and appreciator of literature through learning about various theories of criticism. To become a more thoughtful reader through practice in discussing books with others and defending one’s views. To gain confidence in one’s own judgment, and through wide reading gain an understanding of literature that will enable one to devise one’s own criteria for determining what makes a book “good.”


(4)  To gain awareness of some of the social and economic forces that affect children’s lives, adult perceptions of children and childhood, and the choices that adults make regarding what literature is suitable for children.


(5)  To gain practice in sharing literature with children, through reading aloud, practicing book discussion in small and large groups, and responding to literature in various ways.


(6)  To experience the joy of reading and responding to literature, so that we may share this pleasure with children.