Log Checklist– LLSS 443/544, Fall 2004


Name: __________________________________                Date: ______________


Please hand in the following form with your log, during the last class of the semester.  You can rate yourselves numerically if you want. If I don’t agree, I’ll tell you why.  For each of the books provide a link to the citation for the appropriate examples in your log, using post-it notes, page or item numbers – do not make me have to search for these!)


L1___  10 pts. On a separate sheet of paper—typewritten – reflect on your journey into children’s literature. How has your learning changed over the course of the semester?  How do you plan to continue developing your knowledge of children’s literature after the course is over?

            This self-reflection is the first thing I read before looking at your log.  It helps me to see what makes your log unique – an expression of who you are and what you enjoy.  2-3 pages




L2 ___  10 pts.  Rate your knowledge of genre by assigning a check or check-plus to each genre and subgenre:


___ Picture storybooks

___ Concept books

___ Wordless books

___ Poetry

___ Drama

___ Folklore:

___ Fables

___ Fairy tales

___ Myths

___ Legends

___ Tall Tales

___ Epics

___ Literary fairy tales

___ Fractured fairy tales



___Informational books

___Historical fiction

___ Biography

___Contemporary realism

___ Fantasy

___ Books about celebrations and          commemorations

___Historical classics





Of the above, choose one that you have rated high and one you have rated low.  In 1 or 2 typewritten paragraphs reflect on why this occurred (accessibility, personal favorites, and so on). Include at least two examples of specific texts and your responses to them in your discussion.




L3 __ 10 pts.  Were you able to find high-quality multicultural literature in all genres?  Where did you find the most?  The least:  Review the Criticism and Evaluation sections in this book, especially in Chapter 3.7.   Discuss in 1-2 paragraphs, with specific examples for 1 strong and 1 weak genre.



L4 ____5 pts.  Have you included boys and girls in nonstereotypical roles ( i.e. girls who take risks and have adventures and boys who are nurturing and caring)?  Briefly discuss, and indicate where two of these books may be found in your log.




L5 ___ 5 pts.  When creating a classroom collection, teachers have the opportunity to introduce children to books they may not see outside of school.  Does your log reflect high-quality, noncommercialized books?  In 3 typewritten paragraphs discuss at least three ways of determining high quality, and tell how you chose high-quality books.  Provide a link to at least three examples in your log.





L6  ___ 30 pts.  Have you included your response (two to three paragraphs for each book) to the six required chapter books?  Where can I find them in your log?






L7 ____ 10 pts. Choose one classic from historical realism or biography or fantasy.  See the history of genre/timeline sections of Chapters 9, 10, and 12 for suggestions.  This may be one of the six chapter books above.  Your annotation should be 2-3 paragraphs.  Identify the book, the genre and what makes it a classic.  Where can I find it in your log?





L8 ___ 10 pts.  Choose one book on music and one on dance.  Find suggestions for these in the section on Fine Arts in Appendix C.  Where can I find these books in your log?  (You can use Post-Its.)  





L9 ____ 10 pts.  Visit multicultural award-winning sites and read a minimum of two award-winning multicultural books. (I suggest winners of the Pura Belpré and Coretta Scott King Awards). What books did you choose?  Please annotate these thoroughly in your log and reflect on why you think your chosen examples were worthy of the awards they have won.  Identify where I can find these in your log.











Total Number of points:___________________/ 100