Multicultural Celebrations


Your name: _________________Celebration: _____________Region or Country:­­­­­­­­­­__________


Final Project (May be group or individual)

            The purpose of this project is to help you link literature and life, to gain awareness of other cultures and their literature, and to experience the research process that you will be called upon to use as a classroom teacher or librarian who gathers information about cultural events from varied sources and synthesizes and presents this information in a manner suitable to children of varying ages. You will share the knowledge of a culture and its literature that you have gained through this process with your classmates, so that all of us can benefit from what you have learned.


Geographical/cultural areas:


Africa/African American

Southeast Asia: India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.

Northeast Asia: China/Tibet, Nepal, Japan, Mongolia, Korea, etc.

Middle East –Jewish/Muslim

Native American/Aboriginal

Mexican/Spanish/Latin American


Your task is to select a culture or a geographic area and pinpoint one religious or cultural celebration to investigate, for example Chinese New Year, Boys or Girls Day in Japan, a coming-of-age ceremony in a Native American culture, Day of the Dead or Quinceanera in a Latin American culture,  Divali or festival of lights in India, Kwanzaa or Juneteenth as an African American celebration, Ramadan, Passover, Anzac day in Australia or New Zealand, wedding celebrations or funeral customs in almost any culture.  Because our dominant culture is basically Anglo-European I have not included holidays that are primarily of European origin.


The Project will consist of a (a) file of information centering on your cultural celebration and (b) a presentation in class.


The file should contain:


(1) A brief written introduction to: (a) the country or region (a map will be helpful)

(b) the celebration, answering the questions who, what, when, where, how, and why.


(2) An annotated bibliography of:


            Folktales relating to this culture

            Related works of fiction

            Useful websites

            Nonfiction books written for children

            Useful atlases, almanacs, or other reference works

            Music and/or art relating to this celebration


The presentation should include:


(3) A display of books, pictures, and, if possible, objects relating to your celebration. Plan to briefly discuss the items in your display.


(4) An activity related to this culture and the holiday or celebration that you have selected.  This could involve games, crafts, art, music, or other activities that could be done within a reasonable amount of class time.  You could dramatize a story  relating to the celebration, or create a choral reading, or pantomime. Remember to be respectful. It may be possible to connect with a person from that culture and get first-hand information.


(5) Food connected with the celebration is always welcome.  You may want to bring recipes and food to share for our final class.





1. Introduction, a and b: clear, concise, logical, thoughtful, grammatical? Is there a map?  Discussi

on of both the country and the celebration or holiday? 5 pts.





2. Bibliography: annotated?  accurate?  quality of sources?  Variety? Any major gaps?  5 pts.





3. Display: suitable to the topic, attractive, clear, thoughtful, useful? 5 pts.





4.  Activity: Educational, entertaining, worthwhile use of time, kept within limits, well-planned and executed. 5 pts.





5.  Food?  If so, what?  (optional 5 pts.)







Overall: ______________/20 or 25