Class Participation Checklist  -- LLSS 443/544, section 370, Fall 2004


Name: _____________________________        Date: ________________


Please hand this in this checklist of class participation on the last day of class:

CP1 ____10 pts.  Read aloud a picture book to a group (not your own family).  Look at Chapter 1.8 for tips on how to approach performing, and Chapter 2.1 for things to think about when reading aloud. Also take a look at The Read Aloud Handbook On a separate sheet of paper, describe (1) the book you chose to read, and why you chose it, (2) the audience to whom you read, (3) how you expected the group would respond, (4) how the group did respond to your reading, and (5) what you would do the same or differently next time.



CP2 __ 15 pts.   Do what elementary teachers often ask students to do: Write a letter to an author (send it or not, as you wish) or to one of the main characters, design a book jacket, create a diorama, write your own children’s book, or create your own encounter with a book through art, drama, or music. See Chapter 1.6 and the Suggested Activities in each chapter for more ideas.  Include a description of what you have created, or the creation itself, and write a paragraph reflecting on what you learned through this experience and how you might use similar activities in a library or classroom.  If you choose to write something, please hand it in. If you choose the visual arts or plastic arts or crafts, bring what you have created to class: we’ll have an exhibition.  Creating is a form of play.  This experience should be fun.  Please avoid duplicated, pre-drawn art forms.



CP3 ____ 15 pts.  Class participation and attendance.  (Write 2 paragraphs.) Bring books in the assigned genres or categories to share each week..  Write a paragraph reflecting on how well you did in terms of the quantity and quality of the books you brought, what you learned from others, and the usefulness of this aspect of the course.  Write a second paragraph reflecting on your involvement in class discussion, group activities and performances, and your role as an active participant and learner.



CP4 ___ 15 pts.  In response to an informational book, bring in an activity you have constructed that could be used as enrichment.  Make it durable so it lasts for years of teaching.  For example, Math Wizardry suggests numerous ideas teachers can easily construct that would challenge mathematically advanced children.  Avoid worksheets, words searches, and busy work. Bring your construction to the session on informational literature and bring the informational book you used.  Additionally, bring other texts (no more than three) from any genre that connects with your one informational book.  For example, in response to Math Wizardry you could also bring Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith’s Math Curse; Mrs. Fibonacci is the math teacher in this fanciful book.  You could also bring Demi’s One Grain of Rice, a folktale from India.  Describe what you brought, include the description of the informational book (you may make a link to your log), any additional books you brought (you may also make a link), and reflect on what you learned from this experience and how you might apply this in classroom or library work with children.



CP5 ___15 pts.  Storytelling.  See the storytelling guide that will be distributed at the time of the storytelling workshop.  

CP6      20 pts.  Poetry Anthology.  See separate handout.

CP7 ____10 pts.  Booktalking.  See separate handout.

Total: ____________/100



In addition, there will be the following assignments, graded as “pass” or “re-do,” to be turned in on the dates given in the outline:

1. “Registration card” and earliest memories of listening to stories.

2.  Account of your library visit and selection of a picture book from the library.

3.  Written book review to accompany the book talk, with copies for class.

4.  Picture book analysis.  See separate handout and checklist.

5.  Folktale exploration.  See separate handout and checklist.

6.  Multicultural celebration final project.  See separate handout and checklist.