Book Review Guide


(see also information in Gangi, pp. 268-29)


Sign up for a particular day, type of book, and list your author and title (so we avoid duplicates).


My book is: ________________________(title, genre)  Review due on : ____________


            Write a two-paged single-spaced book review of a novel or chapter book.  Include a short summary of the book and your reflections on some of the following: characters, plot, theme, setting, point of view, tone, favorite quotes, and an indication of how the book could be used in the classroom.  Also include complete bibliographic information.  Photocopy this review for the class – preferably double-sided.  This assignment is due on the date of the category you have chosen.  Please see the syllabus and the sign-up sheets. 


            When you are preparing the book review, imagine yourself as a textbook writer and consider what is of most value for your classmates.  On the day you hand out your copies to your classmates, give a brief “book talk.”  Briefly,


·        Give a summary of the book    

·        Tell why you chose the book and shy you like it

·        Share a short favorite quote




·        Share how your book connects with other books we’ve read or discussed

·        Tell about one of the characters you especially connected with.



            The goal is to inspire your classmates to want to read the book you’ve chosen. 


            Make it lively and interesting. We do not want to be bored.  Please look at the links to the websites on book-talking, and read over the additional suggestions in Gangi. As teachers you will be called upon to discuss books in front of groups for the rest of your life.   This is an opportunity to practice in a safe, comfortable setting.






Adapated from Jane Gangi’s Encountering Children’s Literature