Descendants of

Henry Bowles and Bridget Lushman

by Dr. William M. Litchman, C.G., Member #1647

1620 Los Alamos, SW

Albuquerque, NM 87104-1122

[part 3 of 5] Sent to The Newfoundland Ancestor, 30 Jul 1999, accepted. Published in The Newfoundland Ancestor, Winter, 1999, Vol 15, #4, pp 225-230.

            Parts of the Bowles family have been previously published and will not be repeated here. The origin of the Bowles family is unknown at this time and so this is still a work in progress. However, Henry and Bridget (Lushman) Bowles were introduced and married in or near Burin or Hermitage Bay, perhaps New Harbour, and then moved west along the coast as so many others did, in company with family and neighbourhood groups, eventually settling in Coppett. The family has been remarkably stable in that location for as long as the community has existed.

            The structure of the family is as follows:

1. Henry1 Bowles, died after Sep 1871. Footnote He married 1837/42 in Little River Footnote Bridget Lushman, Footnote born about 1822 in New Harbour; Footnote died about 1877, possibly in New Harbour, Footnote daughter of Thomas Lushman and Susannah McDonald. Footnote He was probably resident in Bay d’Espoir in Aug 1843, where two of his children were baptised. He or his son was in Coppett in Jul 1863 as a witness to a marriage, in Lower Burgeo in Sep 1863 and in Fox Island in Sep 1871, for the same purpose. His house was used as the site for several marriages in the 1860s. He is listed in Coppett in 1869. Footnote

            Children of Henry Bowles and Bridget Lushman were as follows:

            2          i          William2 Bowles, baptised 18 Aug 1839, Burin. Footnote He married on 3 Jul 1862 in Musquito Elizabeth Young, daughter of James Young and Elizabeth (---). Footnote

            3          ii         Thomas2 Bowles, christened 26 Aug 1842 in Burin. Footnote

            4          iii        James2 Bowles, born about 1842; died before 1888. Footnote He married, on 18 Sep 1867 in Bay de View, Footnote Ruth Bagg, born 27 Mar 1844 in Dern Island; christened 14 Jul 1844 in Dern Island; Footnote died 31 Aug 1907 in Fox Island; buried 2 Sep 1907 in Fox Island, Footnote daughter of Hugh Bagg and Ann (---). Ruth married second, on 17 Oct 1888 at Lower Burgeo, Footnote Francis Clarke.

            5          iv        Louisa2 Bowles, christened 8 Aug 1843 in Burin. Footnote She married James Young. Footnote

            6          v          Henry2 Bowles, born 2 Feb 1848 in Lower Burgeo; christened 27 Feb 1848 in Lower Burgeo. Footnote

            7          vi        Francis2 Bowles, born Oct 1849 in White Bear Bay. He married Rosanna Young. Footnote

+         8          vii       George2 Bowles, born Nov 1853 in Coppett. He married Sarah Warren.

+         9          viii      John2 Bowles, born about 1855. He married Hannah Baggs.

+         10        ix        Susannah2 Bowles, born about 1860. She married Henry Warren.

Generation 2

8. George2 Bowles (Henry1), born Nov 1853 in Coppett. Footnote He married, on 13 Sep 1883 in Fox Island, Footnote Sarah Warren, born Jun 1851 in Fox Island. Footnote


            Children of George Bowles and Sarah Warren were as follows:

            11        i          George3 Bowles, born about 1880. Footnote

            12        ii         Louisa3 Bowles, born about 1880.

            13        iii        Susannah3 Bowles, born about 1882.

            14        iv        Thomas3 Bowles, born about 1883.

            15        v          Elizabeth3 Bowles, born about 1884.

            16        vi        Bridget Susannah3 Bowles, born 8 Jul 1884 in Coppett; christened 8 Aug 1884 in Coppett; Footnote buried 4 Mar 1886 in Coppett. Footnote

9. John2 Bowles (Henry1), born about 1855. He married, on 9 Sep 1880 in Dog Cove, Footnote Hannah Bagg, born May 1860 in Fox Island. Footnote


            Children of John Bowles and Hannah Bagg were as follows:

            18        i          Louisa3 Bowles, born 21 Oct 1881 in Cobbett; christened 28 Jun 1882 in Cobbett. She married, on 24 Sep 1904 in Coppett, James Bowles, born about 1875, son of Francis Bowles and Rosanna Young. Footnote

            19        ii         George Thomas3 Bowles, born 11 Apr 1883 in Cobbett; christened 3 Jul 1883 in Cobbett. Footnote

+         20        iii        Edward3 Bowles, born 29 Jul 1885 in Cobbett; christened 17 Aug 1885 in Cobbett. He married Harriet Belinda Eavis.

            21        iv        Henry3 Bowles, born 18 Jun 1889 in Cobbett; christened 21 Jul 1889 in Cobbett; Footnote died 1957 in Ramea. Footnote He married first, in 1922 in Coppett, Bertha Elizabeth Cutler, born 1904 in Coppett; Footnote and married second, in 1930, Lilly May Northcotte, born 1887 in White Bear Bay; died 1964. Footnote

10. Susannah2 Bowles (Henry1), born about 1860. She married, on 19 Sep 1881 in Fox Island, Footnote Henry Warren, born about 1857.


            Children of Susannah Bowles and Henry Warren were as follows:

            22        i          Henry William3 Warren, born 4 Nov 1882 in Fox Island; christened 3 Jul 1883 in Fox Island. Footnote

            23        ii         Charles3 Warren, born 28 Nov 1883 in Fox Island; christened 9 May 1884 in Fox Island. Footnote

            24        iii        Sarah Jane3 Warren, born 27 Jul 1885 in Fox Island; christened 17 Aug 1885 in Fox Island. Footnote

            25        iv        Harriet Louisa3 Warren, born 23 Dec 1886 in Fox Island; christened 4 May 1887 in Fox Island. Footnote

            26        v          Samuel3 Warren, born 2 Mar 1889 in Fox Island; christened 16 Mar 1889 in Fox Island. Footnote

            27        vi        James3 Warren, born 25 Aug 1890 in Fox Island; christened 9 Oct 1890 in Fox Island. Footnote

Generation 3

20. Edward3 Bowles (John2, Henry1), born 29 Jul 1885 in Coppett; christened 17 Aug 1885 in Coppett. Footnote He married Harriet Belinda Eavis, Footnote born Jul 1904 in Deer Island. Footnote


            Children of Edward Bowles and Harriet Belinda Eavis were as follows:

            28        i          Elizabeth Hannah4 Bowles, born 4 Jul 1921 in Coppett, christened 8 Jul 1921 in Coppett. Footnote

            29        ii         Hartley4 Bowles, born 8 Jul 1923 in Coppett, christened 20 Jul 1923 in Coppett. Footnote

            30        iii        John William4 Bowles, born 20 Sep 1925 in Coppett, christened 25 Sep 1925 in Coppett. Footnote

            31        iv        Cecil4 Bowles, born 9 Aug 1927 in Coppett, christened 17 Aug 1927 in Coppett. Footnote

            32        v          Alma May4 Bowles, born 9 Oct 1930 in Coppett, christened 13 Oct 1930 in Coppett. Footnote

            33        vi        Lucy Olive4 Bowles, born 3 May 1934 in Coppett, christened 6 Jun 1934 in Coppett. Footnote

            34        vii       Effie4 Bowles, born 28 Jun 1938 in Coppett, christened 29 Jul 1938 in Coppett. Footnote

            35        viii      Minnie Cora4 Bowles, born 8 Jul 1940 in Coppett, christened 27 Jul 1940 in Coppett. Footnote

            34        ix        Maizie4 Bowles, born 1943 in Coppett. Footnote .

            35        x          Harry4 Bowles, born 1946 in Coppett. Footnote

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