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Introductory Notes

            The Dunlap Family Book is a hand-made manuscript book with a record of births, marriages, and deaths for the William Dunlap and William Middleton Dunlap families, covering the period 1770 to 1896. It is made of rag paper, folded and sewn in the fold to keep the pages together, about 5 1/2 inches in width and 7 3/4 inches in height. It is contained in an envelope marked "Family Record/ from/ greatgrandfather" in the handwriting of Harlan Page Dunlap. Other notes on the envelope are in the hand of Robert William Morris, grandson of Martha Jane Dunlap. He wrote: "Family Record/ of Wm Dunlap of/ Carlisle [Scho]harria/ County, New York,/ who moved to Rutland/ in Jefferson Co, New York,/ at the last of May 1818."

            All of the early entries are made in a faded brown ink in the same hand. After the death of Elizabeth Dunlap, there are different handwritings and different inks.

            The next death listed after Elizabeth Dunlap is that of William Dunlap, husband of Elizabeth, indicating, along with content, that it is his hand which has recorded all of the preceding information.

            The contents of the book are strictly transcribed in this article. Pages are numbered in [ ] from the front cover through to the back cover in order. Centered, unbracketed page numbers are those given in the original manuscript.

            In addition to the contents of the book itself, this article also contains transcriptions of handwritten material which were tipped in the book, and of manuscript family records from the Dunlap family Bible.

            The provenance of the Family Book is as follows:

            1. It was created and first developed by William Dunlap, son of William and Mariann Dunlap, who was born in Ireland, April 1770, and emigrated to the United States in 1792.

            2. Upon William Dunlap's death, the record was kept and improved by William Middleton Dunlap, son of William Dunlap.

            3. Following William Middleton Dunlap's death, the book went to Harlan Page Dunlap, son of William Middleton Dunlap.

            4. After Harlan Page Dunlap's death, the book probably fell into the hands of Charles J. Dunlap, Harlan's son. It is probably Charles J. Dunlap who recorded the death of Harlan Page Dunlap (the final entry in the book).

            5. Next it came to Robert Middleton Francis, brother-in-law of Harlan Page Dunlap who was caring for Harlan at the time of his death.

            6. Following the death of Robert Middleton Francis, the record became the property of William Leon Morris, son-in-law to Robert Middleton Francis.

            7. Then it came to Robert William Morris, son of William Leon Morris.

            8. Finally it came to be in the possession of William Morris Litchman, grandson of William Leon Morris.

Transcription of the Dunlap Family Book

[Cover, p. 1]

Family Record of Wm Dunlap of Carlisle

in Schoharia County[,] New York[,]

Who moved to Rutland in Jefferson County[,]

New York State[,] the last of May 1818[.]

[pp. 2, 3, and 4 are blank.]

[p. 5]                                                                 1

A brief statement of Wm Dunlap & of Elizabeth Dunlap[’]s family & their parents with the time of their emigration to America pages 2d 3d 4th & 5th

Marriage of William & Elisabeth Dunlap page 7th

Births of the Children of Wm & Elisabeth Dunlap pages 8th 9th 10th 11th & 12th

Deaths beginning at page 30th 31st &c.

[p. 6]                                                                 2

            William Dunlap[,] my father[,] was married to Mariann Patteson[,] my mother[,] daughter of Joseph & Margaret Patteson of Slattebogia[,] near to the Town of Maghera in the County of Londonderry in Ireland. My Mother had four Children[.] She & one of them died & was buried in the church yard of Maghera[,] aforesaid. The three surviveing children were Joseph, Wm, & Sarah. Joseph Dunlap married in Ireland[.] with these three Children & Joseph's wife and one child of Joseph's[,] William Dunlap[,] their Father[,] sailed from Londonderry for Philadelphia[,] in North America[,] the 24th of May[,] 1792[,] in the Ship Tristram & landed the July following[.] and [they] went

[p. 7]                                                                 3

from there to William Pattesons in Sourland[,] in Somerset County in New Jersey[,] where Joseph staid with his family[,] & William Dunlap[,] his father went from there to Matthe[w] Pattesons[,] of Ten Mile Run in Somerset County in New Jersey.[,] another brother in law of his[,] with his son William Dunlap & his daughter Sarah.

            Joseph Dunlap & his family moved from Sourland to Charlestown[,] Montgomery County in the state of New York[,] where he lived untill his death[.] he came to it by the kick of a horse in his bowels. William Dunlap & his son William and his daughter Sarah moved from Ten Mile Run in Somerset County[,] in New Jersey[,] to Charlestown[,] in Montgomery County New York State[,] where he lived with his daughter Sarah after she married until his death.

                                              Wm Dunlap

[p. 8]                                                                 4

            My father-in-law[,] Andrew Middleton[,] was married to Margaret Middleton[,] daughter of Robert & Sarah Middleton of the County of Armagh in Ireland[,] and lived a Number of years in Bellentagert in the County Down in Ireland. There their two oldest children died & they sailed from Newry for New York in North America[,] in May 1792[,] with their children Robert, Elisabeth, John, Sarah, & Peggy Ann & their mother Sarah[,] aforesaid[,] & landed at New York the July following. From there they went to New Jersey to Monmouth County[,] where Andrew Middleton Junr was born. From there

[p. 9]                                                                 5

Andrew Middleton & his family moved to Charlestown[,] in Montgomery County[,] New York State[,] where Samuel Middleton was born.


                                                Wm Dunlap

[p. 10]                                                               6

            William Dunlap[,] son of William Dunlap & Mariann his wife[,] was born April 1770

            Elisabeth Middleton[,] daughter of Andrew Middleton & Margaret his wife[,] was born Janry 12th 1778

[p. 11]                                                               7

            William Dunlap was married to Elisabeth Middleton[,] both of the town of Charlestown in Montgomery County[,] New York State[,] Febry 14th[,] 1799[,] by the Rev Mr Vanhorn

                                                Wm Dunlap

[p. 12]                                                               8

            The first child of William Dunlap & Elisabeth[,] his wife[,] was a son dead born Sunday[,] Janry 26th[,] 1800[,] PM in the Town of Charlestown[,] Montgomery County[,] New York State

            Andrew Dunlap[,] son of Wm Dunlap and Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Charlestown[,] Febry 9th[,] 1801[,] baptism by Rev. Henry Wikoff

            Mariann Dunlap[,] daughter of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born April 30th[,] 1802[,] baptised by Rev Henry T. Wikoff in Charlestown

             Margaret Dunlap[,] daughter of Wm Dunlap and Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Sharon, Schoharria County & State of New York[,] October 24th[,] 1803[,] at Noon[.] Baptised

[p. 13]                                                               9

            William Middleton Dunlap[,] son of William Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in the town of Carlisle[,] formerly Sharon[,] in Schoharria County, New York State[,] Febry 20th[,] 1805[,] PM[.] Baptised William Middleton

            John Dunlap[,] son of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] aforesaid[,] June 14th[,] 1806[,] AM[.] Baptised John

            Sarah Dunlap[,] daughter of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] aforesaid[,] Febry 28th[,] 1809[,] PM[.] Baptised Sarah

            Elisabeth Dunlap[,] daughter of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] Novbr 5th[,] 1810[,] PM[.] Baptised.

[p. 14]                                                              10

            Susannah Dunlap[,] daughter of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] March 23d[,] at 8 1/2 PM[,] 1812[.] Baptised

            Amelia Dunlap[,] daughter of William Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] Novbr 20th[,] 1813[.] Baptised

            Joseph Patteson Dunlap[,] son of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth Dunlap his wife[,] was Born Janry 21st[,] 1814[.] Baptised

[p. 15]                                                              11

            A daughter of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth[,] his wife[,] was dead born October 23d[,] 1815[,] at 9 PM[.]

            A son of William Dunlap & of Elisabeth[,] his wife[,] was dead Born Octbr 31st[,] 1816[,] after 11PM.

            John Dunlap[,] son of Wm Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Carlisle[,] Febry 19th[,] 1818[,] PM[.] Baptised

[p. 16]                                                              12

            Harriet[,] daughter of William Dunlap & Elisabeth his wife[,] was born in Rutland[,] in Jefferson County[,] New York State[,] August 14th[,] 1819[,] PM[,] where William Dunlap had moved to with his family on the last day of May 1818[,] from Carlisle[,] in Schoharria County[,] in New York State.

                                       Wm Dunlap

[p. 17 through p. 33 blank.]

[p. 34]                                                              30

            John Dunlap[,] son of Wm & Elisabeth Dunlap[,] died Novbr 13th[,] 1815[,] betwixt 7 & 8 PM[,] aged 9 yrs & nearly 5 months[.]

            He was very tractable and active to learn & not any sick more than is common for children. generaly healthy untill About two weeks before his death.

                                                Wm Dunlap

[p. 35]                                                              31

            Elisabeth Dunlap[,] wife of Wm Dunlap[,] died September 12th[,] 1819[,] at 25 minutes past 2 PM[,] aged 41 years 8 months. [She]died in Rutland Jefferson County New York State[.]

            She was a kind affectionate and industrious wife [and] a loving tender mother [who] left her disconsolate husband and Eleven children to mourn her loss.

            She gave evident marks of Salvation through Jesus Christ[;] that her faith & hope were placed on the saviour of sinners[;] which never can be forgotten by him who loved her as his own soul. in her last illness[,] when she was asked by him if she felt the presence of the Lord in her distress[,] her answer was yes.

[p. 36]                                                              32

            She was asked if she had faith in Jesus Christ[.] she said yes to her father: then some time after she was asked if she had a desire to live[,] she said she was willing to live or to die as the lord pleased.

            Most cruel death hath rob[b]ed me of my dearest & best beloved friend[,] the partner of my heart. How can I bear to live now she is gone[,] sweet dearest Creature[,] to return to my fond heart no more[,] O no more[.] Alass[,] Alass[,] that I did ever live to see and feel the anguish of the separating stroke of her whome I esteemed so dear above all that this world could give or take away[.]

                                             Wm Dunlap

[p. 37]                                                              33

Elisabeth you are gone

Alass that doleful hour

Soon would I be to you

If it was in my power

Thy tender heart no more

My troubles here will know

While sorrow grief and smart

doth fill my heart with woe

The affection of thy heart

doth fill my soul with grief

No joys can I impart

From thee for my relief

No dearest soul enjoy

The pleasures each and all

While in grief and woe

Live on this earthly ball

How teadious is the time

How slow the minuts role

To see thy face no more

It grieves me to the soul.

[p. 38]                                                              34

Thy sweet and lovely voice

Which I esteemed so dear

Can now no more be heard

My woeful heart to cheer

No loveing wife no more

No more a Mother's care

Her tender babes to see

Their troubles for to share

Nor to imprint the thought

of heaven upon the mind

of those dear little ones

that She did leave behind

Nor a saviours love to tell

What she did undergo

O immortal souls to save

from everlasting woe

When we do recollect

the time that's past and gone

It grieves me to the heart

That I am left alone

[p. 39]                                                              35

But now in happier climes

My dearest Creature reigns

In presence of the Lord

To sing the glorious strains

Of glory to the Lord

Who died her soul to save

And shall her mortal frame

Raise from the noisesome grave

May I be then prepared

For mansions in the skies

To meet that lovely fair

My chief of earthly joys

Blessed Jesus grant thy grace

May fit my soul to dwell

in heaven that happy place

Thy praises for to tell.

To meet that dearest one

I always loved so well

By Wm Dunlap[,] October 15th[,] 1819[,] at 11 PM[,] in Memory of his most beloved Companion[.]

                                            Wm Dunlap

[p. 40]                                                              36

Elisabeth assosiate to me beyond

compare, above all liveing creatures deare;

Fond Mother, thou thy babes no more can see:

Nor I thyself, by me so much esteem'd,

While sun, and moon, and Earth, and stones endure.

Thy care, thy trouble, all thy pains have ceas'd,

While I am left, to realize them here;

Still more, to be without thee now in time;

Hard thought to bear, to be without thy Love,

Thy care, thy fond embrace for ever.

Thy open heart, a stranger to deception,

Cannot now solace, my defects no more;

Collateral love, and dearest amity;

From thee, can I no more receive for ever;

O no, no more can thou, relieve my mind from trouble.

That hope that thou, art now to glory gone,

Doth glance upon my soul, that thou doth shine;

In worlds of light, and bless beyond compare,

Where sorrow, pain and trouble cannot enter

In heaven, in presence of the Saviour.

[p. 41]                                                              37

Supream of all things, human thought come short,

Of that delight that is, in heaven prepared,

Which Jesus bought, and purchased with his blood;

For those, who comes to thee, through him to glory;

Who walks with thee, in white in heavenly places.

Giver of all things fair, but fairest this,

The gift of Jessuses, for to die for sinners,

That thou Creator, bounteous and benigne;

Can now be just, and justify through Jessus,

Those that would come, to thee through his atonement.

                                      Rutland[,] Octbr 23d[,] 1819[.]

                                      by Wm Dunlap

[p. 42]

            William Dunlap[,] Companion of Elisabeth Dunlap[,] died January the 23, 1833[,] at 6 minutes past 12 o'clock[,] PM. [At death,] Aged 62 years 9 months. Died in Rutland[,] Jefferson County[,] New York State[.]

            He was a kind[,] affectionate[,] and indu[s]trious husband [and] a loving and tender father[.] [He] left eleven disconsolate children to mourn his loss.

            He left evident marks of salvation through Jesus Christ[,] that his faith and hope were placed on the Saviour of sinners[,] which never can be forgotten by his children.

[p. 43]

[top part of page torn] 33 years 8 months

            Margaret Parkinson[,] wife of Asa Parkinson[,] and daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died June 25th[,] 1837[,] near 12 o'clock PM[,] Aged 33 years 8 months[.] [She] died in Rutland[,] Jefferson County[,] NYS[.]

            [This entry is made in blue ink.]

[p. 44]


[p. 45]

            Amelia Dunlap[,] Daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died January the 20[,] 1845[,] half past Eleven o'clock PM[,] age 31 years[.] [She] died in Rutland[,] Jefferson County[,] NYS[.]

             Amelia[,] my dear Sister[,] thou art gone to the dead, thy Spirit is gone to its heavenly rest[.] Oh how lonesome the room where I did hear that Sweet voice come pray with me here.

            If thy blest spirit is ever permitted to visit this Earth[,] Oh may it be a Minist[e]ring Spirit to thy brother so lonely while here[,] to guide him with the[e] to that heavenly rest to see that lovely redeemer[,] who suffered and died for us here[.]

            And may all our dear Brothers and Sisters who lived with us here be so happy as to live with thee there[,] to behold our dear Jesus[,] who suffered and died that we may live with him there. To join in Singing Salvation and glory to the lamb for Ever and Ever.

            Amelia[,] where art thou[.] I see thee no more [in] the room where thou didst sleep[.] how lonely without thee[.] that sweet voice that did cheer me is silent in death[.] oh how can it be that dear body that was racked with pain and decease is at rest[;] its Spirit with Jesus[,] by faith I do see.

            Amelia[,] thou art sleeping in yonder grave yard[,] by the side of thy parents so dear[,] who loved thee so well. while on earth they was [sic] here, there thou wilt sleep untill the Resurrection morn[,] when Gabriel thee [sic] arch angle [sic] will sound the trumpet so loud as to awake the sleeping dead, from there [sic] graves to judgment come.

            [This entry is written in dark blue ink.]

[p. 46]

            Mary Ann Grannis[,] wife of John Grannis[,] and Daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died March 14th[,] 1846[,] at 7 o'clock AM[,] Aged 43 years 11 months nearly, [she] died in Rutland[,] Jefferson County[,] NY State[.]

            [This entry is written in blue ink.]

            Elizabeth Lawrence[,] wife of L. Lawrence[,] and Daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died February the 8[,] 1848[,] at 2 o'clock in the morning[,] aged 37 years. [She] died at Canton, St. Lawrence County[,] NY State. [This entry is written in brown ink.]

            She was a dear and beloved sister.

            Susannah Lawrence[,] wife of L Lawrence[,] and Daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died November[,] 1858[,] aged 46 years[,] [She] died in Canton[,] St. Lawrence County, New York State. [This entry is written in pencil.]

[p. 47]

            Harriet Williams[,] wife of Calvin Williams[,] and daughter of William and Elizabeth Dunlap[,] died January the 19th[,] 1880[,] in the Town of Canton[,] St. Lawrence County[,] New York State[.] [She was] Age 60 years 5 months[.] [This entry is written in black ink.]

            Andrew Dunlap died April 5th[,] 1881[.] [He was] Age 80 years 2 mos 6 days[.] [He] died in Walworth[,] Wayne County[,] NY[.] [This entry is written in pencil.]

             John Dunlap died Aug (the first of the mo.)[,] 1887[,] in the city of New York[,] aged 69 years 6 mos. [This entry is written in black ink.]

             Harriet Dunlap W [all crossed out.]

             Sarah Welch[,] wife of Philander T. Welch[,] died in Chicago[,] Ill.[,] at the home of their son[,] Albert H. Welch[,] June[,] 1896[,] aged 87 years 4 mos. [This entry is written in black ink.]

[p. 48]

            William M. Dunlap died in Watertown at the home of his daughter[,] Mrs. Cornelia E. Moore[,] November 19th[,] 1887[,] 1130 PM[,] Aged 82 years 7 mos. 27 days. [This entry is written in brown-black ink.]

            Dr. Joseph P. Dunlap died at his home in Syracuse[,] on March 29th[,] 1896[,] aged 82 years 2 mos. [This entry is written in black ink.]

[pp. 49 through 60 (back cover) blank.]

Papers tipped in the book:

[Paper no. 1.]

            Lorenzo Lawrence was married to Elizabeth Dunlap Oct 10, 1847[,] by Rev. Mr. Done. [He] died Feb 8 1848.

            [He was] Married to Susan Dunlap in Rutland[,] Jan 2[,] 1849[,] by Mr. Done. Died Nov 29th[,] 1858[.]

            I was in Canton in March[,] 1858[.]

            [I] went there for my sister who was there at School.

                                          H. P. Dunlap.

[Paper no. 2: poem tipped in the book:]

To my Brother

A Poem by Sarah Carey

Fare thee Well but don't forget me

Though we're wid[e]ly doomed to part

Thy long absence will entwine thee

Still more closely round my heart

Oft shall busy recollection

Thoughts of former hours restore

Hours that tears of fond affection

Tell me I shall see no more

These and pangs of separation

My poor heart but ill can bare

Yet with humble resignation

This shall ever by my Prayer

That when life's tempestuous surges

Cease to drive our barks astray

When the glorious dawn emerges

To a Never ending day

I may hail my brother's spirit

In a fairer purer clime

And eternal joys inherit

Beyond the Stormy sea of time.

To my only and beloved brother[,] William Dunlap[.]

                           Charleston May 20 1830 [sic]

                           Sarah Carey.

[This is the end of the material included in the Dunlap Family Book.]

Family Records from the Dunlap Family Bible

(Now in the possession of Dr. Wm. M. Litchman)

            The Dunlap Family Bible has the title: The/ Cottage Bible,/ and Family Expositor;/ containing the/ Old and New Testaments,/ with/ Practical Expositions and Explanatory Notes./ By Thomas Williams,/ Author of "The Age of Infidelity," in answer to Paine; a new translation of Solomon's Song; an historic defence/ of experimental religion; a dictionary of all religions, religious denominations, &c. &c./ to which are added,/ The References and Marginal Readings of the/ Polyglott Bible,/ together with original notes, and selections from/ Bagster's Comprehensive Bible, and other standard works,/ introductory and concluding remarks on each book of the old and new testaments,/ and/ a valuable chronological index./ The whole carefully revised, and adapted to the use of Sunday Schools, Bible Classes,/ and christians generally./ Embellished with Maps and Engravings./ Edited by Rev. William Patton./ Understandest thou what thou readest? How can I, except some man should guide me? Acts viii. 30, 31./ They read in the book, in the law of God and gave the sense, and caused them to understand the reading. Nehemiah viii. 8./ Complete in Two Volumes. - Vol. II./ Hartford:/ D. F. Robinson & H. F. Sumner./ 1836.

            Inside the front cover is pasted a copy of the newspaper obituary for Edney Scott Dunlap, wife of William Middleton Dunlap. The cover is signed under the pasted obituary by William M. Dunlap. Finally, there is the inscription (in pencil): "William M. Dunlap owneth/ me his I do profess to be/ Novem 28 1840."

Genealogical data written on one of the pages of the Bible:

            William M. Dunlap was married/ to Edeny ann Scott[,] both of the town of/ Rutland in Jefferson county[,] New York State[,]/ October the 23: 1834[,] by the Rev Mr. Chase of/ Watertown[,] N. Y

             Harlan P. Dunlap and Martha/ Hopkins were married at Rutland, N. Y[,]/ on the 24th day of December[,] 1862[,] by/ Rev. James Douglas[.]

             Robert M Francis and Martha Jane/ Dunlap were married at Rutland[,] N. Y.[,]/ on September 13th[,] 1871[,] - by Rev. J. J. Porter[.]

             Harlan P. Dunlap and Mary C./ Dutton were married at Rutland[,] N. Y.[,]/ on the 4th day of January[,] 1872./ by Rev. L. W. Chaney.

            William M. Dunlap and Edenyann[,] his wife[,]/ had a Daughter born November the 23[,] 1835[.]

            Harlan Page Dunlap Son of Wm M. Dunlap/ and Edenyann[,] his wife[,] was born in Rutland[,] Jan the 30[,] 1838[.]

            Cornelia & Cecilia Dunlap[,] Daughters of/ Wm M Dunlap and Edenyann[,] his wife[,]/ was [sic] born August the 23[,] 1840[,] in Rutland[,] Jefferson co[.]

            Arthur S. Dunlap[,] Son of Wm M Dunlap/ and Edenyann[,] his wife[,] was born September 11[,] 1847[,] in Rutland.[.]

            Martha Jane Dunlap[,] Daughter of/ Wm M Dunlap and EdenyAnn[,] his wife[,] was/ born September the 20th[,] A. D 1849, in Rutland[,] Jefferson [county.]

            Robert M. Francis - Husband of/ Martha Jane Dunlap[,] was born June 19th[,] 1849[.]

            Mabel Edna Francis - Daughter of/ Robert M Francis and Martha Jane[,] his wife[,] was born September 28th[,] 1876[.]

            William M. Dunlap was born February 20th[,] 1805[,]/ in the town of Carlisle[,] Schoharrie County[,]/ New York State[.]

            Edenyann Scott[,]/ wife of William M Dunlap[,]/ was born July 19th[,] 1813[,] in Rutland[,] Jefferson county[.]/ [She] Died June 13th[,] 1886[,] in Watertown[,] Jefferson Co[,]/ age 72 yr 10 m 24 days[.]/ [She] died in Watertown[,] Jefferson county[,]/ State of New York[.]

            Edenyan Scott Dunlap was the/ Beloved wife of my heart[,] William M Dunlap[.]/ Edenyan Scott was born July 19[,] 1813[.]/ [She] Died June 13[,] 1886[.] She was the wife of William M. Dunlap[.]

            The first child of Wm M Dunlap and Edenyann/ Dunlap died December the 9[,] AD 1835[,] age 16 days[.]

            Celia L Dunlap[,] Daughter/ of Wm M & Edenyann Dunlap[,]/ died July 29[,] 1864[,]/ age 23 year 11 month 7 days[.]

            Martha Hopkins[,] Wife of H P Dunlap[,]/ died Decem 9[,] 1866[,] in the 30th year of her age[.]

            Arthur S Dunlap[,] son of Wm & Edenyann/ Dunlap[,] died September 18[,] 1869[,] at 7ocl PM[,] age 22 yrs[.]

            William M. Dunlap died in Watertown/ at the home of his daughter[,] Cornelia E Moore[,]/ Nov. 17th[,] 1887[,] aged 82 yrs 7 mo. 27 days.

            Martha J. Dunlap died in Salida[,]/ Colorado[,] December 30th[,] 1905 - aged 56 yrs.

            Harlan P. Dunlap died in Watertown[,]/ Nov 25th[,] Thanksgiving Day, 1920, aged/ 82 yrs. 9 mo, 26 days.

            Cornelia E. Moore died in Watertown[,]/ May 11th[,] 1922, aged 81 yrs, 8 mo, 18 days[.]

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