Park far away from the restaurant for dinner
Do an outdoor family activity on Sunday
Explore a new place you haven't been to in the city each weekend
Hike on weekends in the mountains
Join a gym/fitness program
At the movies, sit at the top of the theater
Take a walk around the grocery store before you shop
At the mall, take the stairs instead of the escalator
Walk around the mall before you start to shop
Learn a new sport or physical activity
Walk or bike as much as possible to your destination
Use a pedometer and strive for 10,000 steps each day
Take a walk after every meal
Put things you use daily on the lowest shelf
Set a weekly activity schedule
Go to the farmers' market
Build a snowman if it snows and ride a Slip-and-Slide if it's hot
Walk the golf course rather than using a cart
Substitute activities: Go hiking rather than to the movies
Schedule a picnic and volleyball game with family or friends
Keep pacing if you attend athletic games of your family and friends
Replace your Sunday drive with a Sunday walk
Try interval walking wherever you walk: walk fast for 30 seconds and regular pace for one minute and keep alternating

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