Keep in a state of motion between classes
Walk, talk study with your friends and study buddies
Walk or bike to school instead of driving
Take the long way to class
Use the stairs instead of elevators
Read/study on the treadmill at the recreation center
Join an intramural team
Step up the stairs briskly
Take a walk before you begin studying and after you complete your studying
Speed walk to your next class
Walk or pace while brainstorming with a classmate
Do triceps dips while sitting at your desk (procrastinating)
Keep your core tight for good posture while sitting
Put more weight in your backpack and do some arm curls with it
Move your feet in circles and flex your ankles while sitting
Use water fountains that are farthest away from you
Choose to live on the top floor of the dorm and take the stairs
Stand in class and take notes, if possible
Schedule your classes so you have plenty of time for walking and moving between them
Do abdominal bracing while seated in class

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