New Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Micah Zuhl
Where did you teach prior to UNM...what were you doing at that institution?
I was previously at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, MI. My main area of teaching was clinical exercise, including ECG interpretation and diagnostic stress testing. I also taught graduate courses in cardiovascular adaptations for exercise science students, and ECG assessment for Physician Assistants.

What research interests will you be pursuing here at UNM?
My plan is to continue the research in my main focus areas. Namely, exploring interventions to assist various occupational workers such as firefighters, field workers, soldiers, and laborers. Further, I hope to explore mechanisms of how mind-body therapies benefits those with neural disorders; and lastly, continue to understand the best method of exercise among cardiac patients.

Why did you choose to apply to UNM for our Faculty position?
I completed my PhD at UNM, and have tremendous pride for the UNM program, students, and faculty. I believe that UNM offers the opportunity for students to flourish, and I am excited to contribute to the program, and to the future.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I enjoy the process of helping students learn. I truly believe that the most important aspect of any class is for students to learn. For this to happen, a teacher must be creative in how they deliver content as students are all very different. I love this challenge!

What are your recreational hobbies?
I enjoy almost any outdoor recreational activity, and I look forward to riding my bike up and down the mountains of New Mexico!

Dr. Zuhl with other Exercise Science Faculty