As part of the Basic Instructional Program students enrolled in a fitness walking, jogging, aerobic dance, or weight training classes have the opportunity to have their fitness level tested at the beginning and at the end of their class. We offer a 30-minute assessment of all four areas of fitness (flexibility, body composition, cardiorespiratory fitness, and muscular fitness) as well as screening for high blood pressure.

Flexibility is tested using a sit-and-reach box measuring lower back and hamstring range of motion.

Body composition is tested using bioelectrical impedance or skinfolds. Body composition can give you an idea of overall body fatness or percent body fat as well as lean body mass.

Cardiorespiratory fitness is measured with a sub-maximal treadmill walking test. This test results in an estimated VO2max based on heart rate.

Muscular fitness is measured using a sit-up test, and either a bench press test or push-up test for upper body strength.

Results and interpretation are given at the end of the test by a trained technician.The $20.00 fitness fee paid upon registration goes towards this testing program. Students not enrolled in the classes listed above can sign up for an appointment to get the testing for $20.00 (cash/check only) here at the Exercise Physiology lab.

For more information, call 277-2658.