One major project I am currently working on is the 9th edition of my textbook, Anybody’s Guide to Total Fitness. Below are some of the features/sections I am enhancing in this new edition.
Over 200 Original Illustrations of Key Concepts
Several Complete Aerobic and Body Shaping Workouts With New Exercises
A Complete Guide to A Better Back
All About Strength, Function, and Core
The Ten Commandments of Strength Training
Maximize Your Results, Minimize Your Risks
101 Frequently Asked Questions
Eye-opening Fitness Trivia and Health Trivia Quizzes
The Twelve Most Common Exercise Mistakes
A Fitness Profile Guide to Track Progress
Stability Ball Exercises
Current American College of Sports Medicine Guidelines
Current Coronary Heart Disease Risk Factor Assessment
Components of the Well-Balanced Diet
Ten Strategies for Weight Loss Success
Kickboxing Exercises
Sixteen Exercise Myths Debunked
A Step-by-Step Circuit Training Program
A Debate on the High Protein/Low Carbohydrate Diet Controversy
Yoga Basics
Stress Management Guidelines
Aerobic Injury Treatment and Prevention
and much more!
Written for Fitness Education Teachers and Students Who are Dedicated to Successful Health and Fitness Training