Prof. Troy R. Lovata, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Honors
Honors College
The University of New Mexico
Office: SHC Room 2B
(505) 277-4211

Mailing Address:
Honors College
MSC06 3890
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131 USA

Dr. Troy Lovata is a tenured, Associate Professor in the Honors College at The University of New Mexico. He was trained as an Anthropologist and Archaeologist (Ph.D., M.A. The University of Texas; B.A. Colorado State University) and much of his research has focused on non-textual forms of presentation and the social role of material culture. Recent research and teaching includes: the examination of monuments and public displays from megaliths to public art to graffiti; the archaeology of walking; work with adobe construction; the study of people and the sense of place in mountain landscapes; and mapping and interpreting culturally modified trees. He has worked with research projects in the US Rocky Mountains and Great Plains and with study abroad courses in Ecuador, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Spain. He is also the recipient of competitive funding to run, with co-director Dr. Michael Thomas, an Honors International Research Institute for Undergraduate Research Fellows in Ecuador during 2014. His book, Inauthentic Archaeologies: Public Uses and Abuses of the Past, is available from Left Coast Press.

Courses for the Fall Semester, 2014:

UHON 301&399 Field Studies Andes: Pathways From the Past to the Present

UHON 402 The Archaeology of Trails and the Anthropology of Place

UHON 299/399/499 Independent Study

Special Senior Honors Thesis Defense Instructions for Students

TRL 4/14

Ilium fuit.