Prof. Troy R. Lovata, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Honors
Honors College
The University of New Mexico
Office: SHC Room 2B
(505) 277-4211

Mailing Address:
Honors College
MSC06 3890
The University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131 USA

Dr. Troy Lovata is a tenured, Associate Professor in the Honors College at The University of New Mexico. He was trained as an Anthropologist and Archaeologist (Ph.D., M.A. The University of Texas; B.A. Colorado State University) and much of his work has focused on non-textual forms of presentation, the social role of material culture, and cultural landscapes. Recent research and teaching includes: the examination of monuments and public displays from megaliths to public art to graffiti; the archaeology of walking; work with adobe construction; the study of people and the sense of place in mountain landscapes; and mapping and interpreting culturally modified trees. He has led research projects in the US Rocky Mountains and Great Plains and Ecuador; and has led study abroad and research courses in Ecuador, China, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Spain. His books, Inauthentic Archaeologies: Public Uses and Abuses of the Past and (with Elizabeth Olton) Understanding Graffiti: From Prehistory to Present, are available from Left Coast Press.

Courses for the Fall Semester, 2015:

UHON 121-022 The Legacy of Exploration: Explorers of Mountains

UHON 299/399/499 Independent Study

UHON 401-005 The Archaeology of Trails and the Anthropology of Place

UHON 493-006 Honors Senior Teaching

Special Senior Honors Thesis Defense Instructions for Students

TRL 8/15

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