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To promote and support the use
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Anyone interested in Learning, Supporting or Switching-to Macintosh Computers

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What is the UNM Mac Users Group?
The UNMMUG is a non-profit, student run organization that promotes and supports the use of Macintosh computers at the University of New Mexico.

What do you do?
We have relevant presentations from experts and professionals from the computer industry. We discuss Macintosh news, rumors, and issues. We help each other with problems that we may be facing with hardware and software. We learn from each other and help each other in any way possible.

Why should I go to the meetings?
Come see presentations on the things you like and get free goodies from the presenters (sometimes). Stay up to date with Mac news. Learn new things about your Mac and software. Eat free food!

What are some benefits of joining the group?
Members get info, advice, goodies, food, and friends at our meetings. Members can have ONE web page hosted on our site or have their web site linked from our site.

Why should I join the ListServ?
Joining the Listserv. is the only way that you will be included in UNMMUG discussions and stay up to date on UNMMUG news and hear of good sales from each other. Only Members can join the Listserv.

Who can join the group?
ANYONE! Mac veterans, beginners, windows switchers, and anybody interested. You don't even have to be affiliated with UNM in any way (however all officers must be students and membership should be mostly UNM students, faculty and staff).

How much does it cost to become a member?
Becoming a member of UNMMUG costs 0 dollars and 0 cents ($0.00). Just enter your full name and E-mail address to the left and click subscribe and we'll add you to our roster. Otherwise we may move the meetings without you knowing.

What are the benefits of becoming an Officer?
E-mail the president at macusers@unm.edu to become an officer (UNM students only) and I'll let you know how you can help and what benefits await you.

Where are the meetings?
For current meeting times and location, go to the meetings or home pages to find times, places, and maps of where the meetings will be held.

How can I ask you more questions?
E-mail the president at macusers@unm.edu or go to the users page and ask a question or post feedback there.

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