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To promote and support the use
of Macintosh computers at the
University of New Mexico

Anyone interested in Learning, Supporting or Switching-to Macintosh Computers

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The UNM Mac Users Group needs someone to take it over. I graduated in May of 2003 and the group was allowed to die after that. However, I have recently checked the email address and there are dozens of people interested in the group. I can no longer be an officer of the group after graduating. The student activities center will delete this site, email, and mailbox if it is not rechartered soon. The next president and officers will need to maintain an address book of members, respond to emails, coordinate meetings, and facilitate communication between members. I would love to help, but just need a UNM STUDENT to step in and recharter the group. Let your love for Macs show and support the UNM Mac community! You can email me at sheeplemaster@yahoo.com . We need a serious and responsible person with gumption to head the group. Only contact me if you are willing to get the group off the ground again and make an extraordinary mark on your resume.


Until then, visit the Feedback page to give us anonymous comments about the group, website, presentations, anything...
If you're a member, you can also submit your URL for your homepage and we'll link to you or even host one page for you.

Joining the group is easy. Just send us an E-mail with your name or type it and submit it to the left. Also let us know what your interests are for the group and if you are interested in becoming and officer or helping out in any way. Join the ListServ to stay connected with group concerns, updates, advise, and news.

Let's have fun and create a long lasting and useful group for our wonderful Mac Community.

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