Michael Nakamaye
Professor of Mathematics at the University of New Mexico, I want to share my experience with all those who desire to teach and learn mathematics.

Math Teachers' Circle is not only an ideal way to share my knowledge but also to meet local teachers and learn about their lives and needs. 

Teachers are one of the most valuable resources in our society and my involvement in the Albuquerque Math Teachers' Circle is a small way of showing how much I value their contributions.


David Metzler
David Metzler
was born and raised in Albuquerque. He has a B.A. in math from Rice University and a Ph.D. in math from M.I.T.

He currently teaches math at Albuquerque Academy, which will host the inaugural meeting of the Circle. He loves to present mathematics to students, teachers, and community groups, and looks forward to helping facilitate the Circle.


Helen Maloney
Helen Maloney is currently a District Math Content Coach and has been a middle school math teacher since 1990.  Maloney has served as Department Chair, Grade Level Team Leader, Student Newcomers Club sponsor, Volleyball Coach, and Student Council Facilitator. 

Helen earned a BS in Education with a minor in Mathematics from UNM and she gained National Board Certification in 2009.  Helen has been married for 21 years and has three children ranging in age from 17 to 8.  She enjoys the outdoors and loves to camp and travel with her family.

QUOTE:  “Often prompted by student questions, I have strived to gain a deeper understanding of mathematics with research, summer classes, and workshops.  I have found my own enthusiasm can spark interest and motivate my students.  It is fun to explain my new found understandings to my students as I hope to inspire and drive students by explaining how mathematics is used and instill the concept of life-long learning.  My involvement in Math Circles is my attempt to provide a way for teachers to grow in content knowledge while acknowledging teachers as professionals in our busy and demanding profession while working to balance our life outside of the classroom. Math Circles is a perfect fit to learn more math, collaborate with other teachers, spark new ideas while being treated like a professional and have some fun with a nice meal.”