Spring Talks 2015:

February 24 5:30-8:00
Speaker: Jerry Dwyer
Texas Tech University
Title: Making Fractals from Functions
Location:Wilson Middle School

March 2 5:30-8:00
Speakers: Bob Kline and Javier Ronquillo Rivera
Title: Liar's Bingo plus the Pigeon Hole Principle
Location: Bosque School
[Bosque map]

April 14 5:30-8:00
Speaker: Michelle Manes
University of Hawaii
Title: The mathematics of traditional navigation and the star compass
Location: Wilson Middle School

To register for an event please e-mail Michael Nakamaye nakamaye@math.unm.edu.

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Albuquerque Math Teachers’ Circle Mission Statement
The Albuquerque Math Teachers' Circle  supports local teachers who desire
to explore mathematical ideas in a fun, encouraging environment.  Our
meetings provide an opportunity for participants to work on interesting
problems, developing their mathematical knowledge, skills, and intuition,
with the support of leading mathematicians and scientists from the local

Full Mission Statement  

2014/2015 Math Teachers' Circle Ready to Go!!!

We are ready to start a new year of fun with mathematics and hope to see as many of you as possible. This fall, in addition to having one meeting at Bosque School and one at UNM, we will have our first meeting at Wilson Middle School. I will send map details as always before the meeting. Please let me know if there are speakers you would be interested in seeing or topics you would like to see covered as we have many open spaces for this year's circle meetings. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or uestions!


During our monthly meetings, teachers will have a chance to engage in mathematical explorations which will strengthen their knowledge and their passion for learning. Local mathematicians and scientists, often assisted by APS math coaches, will provide teachers with challenging and interesting problems, offering guidance as needed. The goal is to build
a strong community of indepedent thinkers who view sustained creative
inquiry as fundamental to mathematical thinking.

Feedback about our sessions, including ideas for speakers or topics of interest should be sent to Michael Nakamaye nakamaye@math.unm.edu.

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