Anthropological Papers




Nelson, Margaret C. (Editor)
1984 Ladder Ranch Research Project, A Report on the First Season(Out of Print)

Carlson, John B. and W. James Judge (Editors)
1986 Astronomy and Ceremony in the Prehistoric Southwest (Out of Print)

Earls, Amy C.
1987 An Archaeological Assessment of “Las Huertas,” Socorro, New Mexico

Gill, George W. and Stanley Rhine (Editors)
1991 Skeletal Attribution of Race, Methods for Forensic Anthropology

Doyel, David E. (Editor)
1992 Anasazi Regional Organization and The Chaco System(Out of Print)

Cordell, Linda S.
1998 Before Pecos, Settlement Aggregation at Rowe, New Mexico

Bawden, Garth and Richard Martin Reycraft (Editors)
2000 Environmental Disaster and the Archaeology of Human Response

Railey, Jim A. and Richard Martin Reycraft (Editors)
2008 Global Perspectives on the Collapse of Complex Systems

Munson, Gregory E., Todd W. Bostwick, and Tony Hull (Editors)
2014 Astronomy and Ceremony in the Prehistoric Southwest: Revisited (Forthcoming)

Chapin, Nicholas
2014 Oshara Revisited (Forthcoming)

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