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Friday, April 4 & Saturday April 5, 2014                        free
AGSU Conference
The Anthropology Graduate Student Union Conference highlights the research of undergraduate and graduate students in anthropology at the University of New Mexico.
AGSU Conference Flyer (PDF)
AGSU Workshops (PDF)
6 pm - Frieda Butler Award Lecture: Jillian Jordan
Reception & Silent Auction for Clark Field Archives
9 am -6 pm - AGSU annual Conference
4 pm - AGSU Conference Keynote Speech
Hibben Center

Thursday,April 17, 2014   7:30 pm                            free
Clay, Fire and Containment - Lecture
"The End of Casas Grandes"
The Casas Grandes culture of northwest Chihuahua collapsed in 1340, but a remnant population lingered and was encountered by Spanish explorers. Or perhaps the culture lasted until the early 1400s, when it disappeared entirely. Or perhaps... Dave Phillips, curator of archaeology at the Maxwell Museum, goes over the hypotheses, evidence, and speculation on when the Casas Grandes culture
collapsed, why that happened, and where its people went. Hibben 105