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People of the Southwest
A permanent exhibit depicting 11,000 years of the cultural heritage of the Southwest.

A permanent exhibit tracing human origins back four million years.

Evidence & Theory: Photographs from the Maxwell Museum Archives

Photography occupies a unique position in the world of invention, with the photographic image held as both an expression of hard factual evidence and as subject to complex theoretical interpretation.

Evidence and Theory: Photographs from the Archive of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology questions the fundamental interpretation of photographic imagery and the relationship between seeing and knowing truth. The exhibition explores this duality through a collection of historica limages from the Maxwell Archive, many on display for the first time.

SA’E Y’AMA: The Power of Brass in the Kingdom of Benin

The Kingdom of Benin, located in Nigeria, Africa, flourished from the fifteenth through the nineteenth centures and still exists today. In 1897 the capital, Benin City, was destroyed and cultural treasures were made available to Westerners through sale at auction. The collection and exhibition of Benin brass plaques by museums worldwide narrates numerous histories, including that of colonialism.


In 2014 a Benin plaque was donated to the Maxwell Museum, and in 2015, the Museum Studies graduate seminar “What Is a Museum Object?” worked with Maxwell staff to explore the iconography and cultural significance of brass in the Kingdom of Benin.
Open through August 28, 2015

An Experiment in Viewing
Touch the digital images on our multi-touch table in the latest Maxwell Museum exhibition, An Experiment in Viewing.  Curators Catherine Baudoin and Amy Grochowski selected a broad range of objects, culturally and geographically, along with photographs of people using similar objects in context. 
This exhibition will give the visitor an opportunity to reflect on an object’s meaning and its journey through place and time.  The viewer can imagine the creative process from idea and selection of materials, to construction and completion of piece. The multi-touch table allows the visitor to view the physical object in a digital format where its materials and construction can be seen in detail.