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Thursday, March 3, 2016   4:00 pm      Hibben 105                      free
Kennedy Lecture
Mobility and Mystery: Hunter-Gatherer Territories and Technology during the Lower Magdalenian in Cantabria, Spain by Lisa Fontes
Movement is a central component of the human experience, whether it be in the form of our earliest ancestors traversing the African and Eurasian continents, or prehistoric hunter-gatherers relocating in response to shifting resources in their environments. For archaeologists who study stone tools, research often focuses on reconstructing prehistoric hunter-gatherer territories using raw material sourcing—tracing the distances from toolstone outcrops to archaeological sites. The Magdalenian territorial reconstructions Fontes has produced from data she collected in Spain indicate very large territories that extend southward beyond a major mountain chain, the Cantabrian Cordillera. It is a mystery how stone tool materials became part of Cantabrian assemblages: did groups access these stone outcrops directly as they traversed an expansive habitual territory, or did they receive the stones through inter-group contacts? This presentation will assess these hypotheses by comparing archaeological data from northern Spain with those from ethnographic and ethnoarchaeological studies focused on hunter- gatherer movement.
Reception to Follow

Lisa M. Fontes is a Ph.D. candidate in Archaeology in the UNM Department of Anthropology. Her research focuses on human technological adaptations to environmental complexity during the Upper Paleolithic period in the Cantabrian region of north coastal Spain. Her research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, UNM Latin American and Iberian Institute, the American Association for University Women, and the Centro de Patrimonio Cultural de Gobierno Vasco (Spain). She has published the preliminary results of her research in the Journal of Archaeological Science and Quaternary International.

Sponsored by the Maxwell Museum and the Department of Anthropology.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016    11 am - 3 pm            $5+
Bread Baking   
Welcome! Bread baking demonstration, Indian tacos, fry bread and more by the Edaakies of Isleta Pueblo.
Maxwell Museum Courtyard