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The thumbnails refer to images of objects found throughout the Maxwell Museum website. Accession numbers and a brief ID of the objects from the museum's collections are listed below. For more information on any of these objects please contact: 505 277-4405 or
For permission to use any of the images, please contact:
Diane Tyink at 505 277-1549 or email at
96.34.66 Incised redware ceramic seed jar, decorated by the sgraffito method, artist Carol Vigil, Jemez Pueblo, c.1992
70.18.8 Chinese mandarin robe – silk fabric and embroidery
68.59.91 Horn – brass and silver – dragon’s head with fixed brass mouthpiece India – historic
83.39.6 Navajo saddle blanket – mid to late 1800s
66.36.2 Hopewell flint spear blade
94.36.2 Bulto, San Rafael, artist Le Roy López, Española, New Mexico, 1994
68.91.361 Koran holder – Iran - historic
70.55.1 Carved walrus ivory figure of polar bear from Walakpa
archaeological site on NW coast of Alaska, south of Barrow, Punuk culture, c.100 AD
68.1.7 Silver pin or tupu, Andean culture, Bolivia, c.1900-10,
coins on pin date from 1878-98
68.1.7 Sumerian molded glass
72.35.49 Textile hat – Punjab –historic
87.45.236 Red Lake, Leupp, AZ, Natani’s Dam – photographer, Milton Snow, SCS collection, Feb. 1936
68.40.132 Burnished ceramic dog from Colima, Mexico
79.34.1 Pomo coiled basket (shi-bu weave) meadowlark and mallard feathers, abalone, willow and sedge grasses, N. California, c.1960
79.13.1 Chiwara mask, Bambara tribe, Mali, Africa 1930-50, female antelope with small male antelope figure on her back
84.2.30 Pukamani bird statue – carved wooden figure, with cylindrical
body with incised and painted designs, c.1970-80, from Arnhem Land, Australia
43.8.39 Ceramic effigy jar from Zuni Pueblo – 1890-1910
88.11.11 African buffalo mask – carved and rubbed with red ochre, Bamum culture - Cameroon
88.75.1 Beaded bandolier bag, c.1890, from the Great Lakes region,
possibly Potawatomi
69.38.1 Helmet from warrior’s uniform – China – c.1600 – metal,
embroidered silk and set with semi-precious stones
70.18.8 Chinese mandarin robe – silk fabric and embroidery
66.32.1 Scarab with remains of gold leaf, 18th Dynasty, from the Temple of Horus, Egypt
66.2.16 Whale bone mask, Alaska
98.145.42 Guatemalan cloth – ikat
78.33.5 Blackware ceramic jar, artists Maria Martinez and Popovi Da, San Ildefonso Pueblo, c.1940s
80.46.10 Inlaid shell with abalone, turquoise, possibly from Santo
69.71.13 Carved walrus ivory figure of polar bear from Alaska, contemporary
Sandhill crane mask from Anvik, Alaska on the Kuskokwim River
68.59.35 Finger piano, Sansa culture, Africa, c.1940s-50s
87.45.189 Sheep grazing at Red Lake, (Tolani Lakes, Leupp, AZ) February 1936, photographer, Milton Snow
94.26.4 Lidded cylindrical basket, false embroidered, top lid with central chamber containing shot or pebbles, c. 1900, Tlingit culture, Alaska / British Columbia
36.42.17 Atlatl weight, made from gray-green banded slate, polished surface with one drill hole, c. BC 5000-1000, found in Ross County, Ohio
  Scottsbluff point, Paleo Indian, found near Wagon Mound New Mexico
68.91.156 Tavis-style necklace with blue and green enameled metal pieces, Hyderabad, India, historic
42.8.4 Top: Whaling harpoon head from Alaska, walrus bone and slate, appr. 1000 - 1500 A.D.
86.47.18 Second from the top left: Whaling harpoon head from Alaska, walrus bone and slate, early to mid 20th century
68.105.69 Second from the top right: Walrus ivory harpoon head from St. Lawrence Island Alaska, Okvik period appr. 100 A.D.
Bottom two: Whale bone harpoon heads without blades from Nikolski on the Aleutian Islands. Mimbres Classic Black-on-white bowl, with stylized mountain sheep, c. 1000-1150 AD, Mattocks site
64.17.2 Central front row: Basketry hat - Haida: 1890-1910 - made from spruce root
42.9.13 Left back row: Darker cylinder berry basket, probably Klikitat, historic
75.15.1 Left front row: Basket hat, c.1940, N.California, Hupa culture, bear grass, fern, alder root, willow, pine root
82.23.177 Right front row: Food storage basket bowl, tule and mud-dyed tule, c. 1900
82.23.197 Right back row: Coiled lidded basket, made with raffia, Chehalis culture, Washington state
87.45 493 Mrs. Armijo husking corn – Jemez Pueblo - Oct. 1936 - SCS Collection
90.13.24 Stereograph of waffle gardens in Zuni, New Mexico – 1873 photographer, Timothy O’Sullivan
document archives Page from excavation field notes, Pottery Mound archaeological site
  Pueblo Bonito, Chaco Canyon, New Mexico
72.10.39 Chaco Black-on-white mug, c. 1050 - 1125 AD, Mc Elmo Canyon, Ancestral Puebloan culture
81.21.3 Man's concho belt of stamped silver set with turquoise, c. 1920-30, Navajo culture, Arizona
68.91.52 Embroidered purse of gold and black silk with fish, cat, floral and human designs, China, historic
87.44.167 Photograph showing how irrigation water is carried over a boulder by means of a groove cut in the boulder into channel below. Note steps cut in rock. Photographer, Milton Snow, Dec. 1935, SCS Collection
87.45.816 Sotero Montoya, 1936 Governor of San Ildefonso Pueblo, decorating pottery, Sept. 1936, SCS Collection
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