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The Maxwell Museum of Anthropology sponsors and generates research in all areas of archaeology, ethnology and biological anthropology, the latter emphasizing human osteology and forensic anthropology.

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For information on Maxwell Museum of Anthropology research programs, opportunities and research affiliation write to:

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
MSC01 1050
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001

The research activities of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology fall into two general areas. First, the museum's extensive holdings contain worldwide collections of material culture together with their accompanying documentary records. These materials represent all fields of anthropology and constitute a major database for research at the museum. Scholars in all areas of anthropology utilize this rich resource in their studies. Second, the many decades of outside research supported by the museum in all parts of the world mandate that active sponsorship of anthropological field research be a central component of its mission.

Consequently, it both serves as sponsor for the individual field projects of qualified scholars and actively identifies and pursues its research programs through the work of its own research personnel and affiliated scholars.