Kathryn Joy McKnight


My research focuses on the voices of those who speak from the margins of colonial Spanish American society, particularly I look at how individuals and groups contest their portrayals by those in power. In The Mystic of Tunja: The Writings of Madre Castillo, 1671-1742 (U Massachusetts P, 1997), I examine the writings of a nun from the Nuevo Reino de Granada (Colombia) whose self-portrait brings out the conflicts between the gender limitations imposed on her, her access to power in governing the convent, and the intellectual opportunities she makes for herself through her writing. Currently, I am working on a long-term project to locate, study and publish stories that African-descent peoples in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spanish America told in administrative and Inquisitional trials. I have given conference papers, published articles, transcribed documents, and am co-editing the anthology Afro-Latino Voices: Documentary Narratives from the Early Modern Iberian World, which will begin to fill a significant void in colonial studies. These documents provide invaluable access to Afro-Hispanic visions of the societies in which they played central roles, in stories in which they varyingly express self-condemnation, alliance with power, protest and social critique.




The Mystic of Tunja: The Writings of Madre Castillo, 1671-1742. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1997.



Winner of the 1997 Katherine Singer Kovaks Prize awarded by the MLA for an outstanding book published in English in the field of Latin American and Spanish literatures and cultures




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