Kathryn Joy McKnight

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Span 301: Afro-Latin Music and Society   Span 502: Research & Critical Methodology
Span 307: Intro to Spanish Literature   Span 536: Colonial Literature
Span 431: Spanish American Survey I   Span 639: 16th-Century Span-American Literature: Encounter and Colonization
Span 439: Iconos coloniales en texto y cine   Span 639: The Colonial Subject of 17th-century Spanish American Literature 
    Span 639: Mujeres y negros en la colonia

My primary areas of teaching are colonial literatures and discourses, women writers of the early modern period, Afro-Hispanic narratives and cultures of early modern Spanish America, research methods and critical theory. Throughout my teaching runs the commitment to empower students to read critically and effectively express their ideas and critical approaches to cultural texts in writing and speech. I often employ a team-based approach to learning. I integrate web-based resources and interactive media into classes to increase studentsí reflection and written communication about class issues, and to encourage consultation of multi-media resources. My teaching goals include increasing my studentsí participation in shaping the direction of their classes, and developing authentic assessment tools.

Other Courses Taught

Grinnell College:
--  Freshmen Tutorial: Cultures in the Americas: Conflicts and Visions 
--  Chicano Culture: Identities and Communities 
--  Medieval and Renaissance Culture 
--  Introductory Spanish
--  Intermediate Spanish
--  Introduction to the Reading of Hispanic Texts 
--  Society and Literature in Spanish America
--  Traditions of Independent Spanish America 
--  The Art of Writing 
--  Writing the Nation: Modern Spanish America 
--  The Colonial World 

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