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Jemez Springs, New Mexico, June 2011















about me

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of New Mexico.  Before joining the UNM faculty in 2005, I taught at Fresno State for two years, and before that, I was a graduate student at Indiana University, where I earned my PhD in the History and Philosophy of Science.  My research focuses on the interplay of philosophy, mathematics, and science in the early modern period (and in the work of Descartes, Newton, and Kant, in particular).  When time and energy permit, I also think about how to integrate the history of philosophy, mathematics, and science into current debates concerning the aims of science.


I regularly teach courses in early modern philosophy and philosophy of science, and I am the recipient of three UNM teaching awards: the 2011 UNM Alumni Association’s Faculty Teaching Award, the 2009 Award for Teaching Excellence from UNM’s College of Arts & Sciences, and the 2006-2007 UNM Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.


Currently, I am serving as the Chair of the UNM Philosophy Department.


contact information

The best way to reach me is via email at mdomski ‘at’ unm ‘dot’ edu.  If you’d rather use snail mail, you can find my mailing address on the UNM Philosophy Department web site.


the pictures

All the pictures included on this site were taken by me (using my cell phone).