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Santa Fe, New Mexico, Thanksgiving 2012














recent and upcoming events


Southwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy, 18 February 2017, University of Nevada, Reno


HOPOS 2018, 9-12 July 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands


The Early Modern Philosophy Calendar


Philosophy Talks at UNM



philosophy texts online


Descartes’ Meditations (various translations supplied by D.B. Manley & C.S. Taylor)


The Descartes Web Project (maintained by Patricia Easton, Claremont)


Digital Text Projects (includes works by Aristotle, Dewey, Locke, Plato, & others)


Early Modern Thought Online


G.W. Leibniz: Texts and Translations (maintained by Don Rutherford, UCSD)


History of Philosophy Texts Online (maintained by Clinton Tolley, UCSD)


The John Locke Index


The Kant Research Center, Mainz University


Kant on the Web (maintained by Steven Palmquist; includes primary & secondary sources)


Kant Texts Online (maintained by EpistemeLinks) The Online Literature Library (includes texts from Descartes, Darwin, & Hobbes)


The Newton Project



other online philosophy resources


Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews


PhilPapers: Online Research in Philosophy


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


The UNM Department of Philosophy Resources Page





American Philosophical Association


HOPOS, The International Society for History of Philosophy of Science


History of Science Society


North American Kant Society


Philosophy of Science Association



other interesting stuff on the web


On Academic Talks: Memory and Fear (by Cosma Shalizi)


Steve Pyke’s photos of philosophers