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Southwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy


23-24 February 2008
San Francisco State University


Featuring Invited Speaker:
Michael Friedman
Stanford University

The third annual meeting of the Southwest Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy will be held 23-24 February 2008 at San Francisco State University. Following the model of similar seminars around the U.S. and Canada, the Southwest Seminar was formed to foster interaction among scholars who work on various topics in the history of early modern philosophy (a period ranging, roughly, from Montaigne to Kant).




We are pleased to announce the program for the third annual meeting of the Southwest Seminar.

Saturday 23 February







“Descartes and Galileo:  Copernicanism and the Metaphysical Foundations of Physics”
Michael Friedman
, Stanford University




“The Role of the Passions in Descartes”
Shoshana Brassfield,
Colgate University




“The Significance of the Newtonian Refutation of Spinoza”
Eric Schliesser, Leiden University


“Causality and Temporality in Spinoza’s Philosophy”
Karolina Huebner, University of Chicago




“The Historical Roots of Kant’s Concept of Experience”
Courtney David Fugate, American University in Cairo


Conference Dinner:

Malai Thai, 3189 16th Street (between Guerrero and Valencia)

See below for more information.

Sunday 24 February





“Reflection in Locke and Hume”
Donald Ainslie, University of Toronto


“Hume on Space, Time and Mathematics”
Graciela De Pierris, Stanford University

Unless otherwise noted, all Seminar events will take place in Room 386 (on the

third floor) of the Humanities Building on the SFSU campus.








The Chancellor Hotel, Union Square, 433 Powell Street, San Francisco, CA 94012
Local Phone and Reservations: 1-800-428-4748;

Web Site: http://www.chancellorhotel.com/index.html


We have secured a special rate for conference participants at the Chancellor Hotel, a unionized hotel located in Union Square.  Our group rate at the Chancellor is $129/night (+ 14% tax) for Friday and Saturday nights.  Some rooms are also blocked for Thursday and Sunday nights at the same rate.  In addition, there are a limited number of rooms secured for students staying at the conference hotel; the rate for these student rooms are 20% lower than our normal group rate.


You must reserve your room before 20 January to be eligible for the special Seminar rate.  We recommend that you reserve your room even earlier than that (if possible), because there are a limited number of rooms in our block.  To place your reservation, call 1-800-428-4748 and be sure to ask for "The Southwest Seminar Rate."  Once you place your reservation, you can cancel up to 24 hours in advance without charge; if you cancel less than 24 hours before your arrival, you will be charged for one night's stay. 





The hotel is a roughly 15 minute drive from the SFSU campus.  The cheapest and most convenient way to get to the SFSU campus from the hotel is to take public transportation.  You can pick up the M Line (Balboa Park Station train) of the MUNI at the station located at the intersection of Powell and Market Streets.  This train will take you directly to the SFSU station at 19th and Holloway Avenues.  The train ride is roughly 30 minutes, and the one-way fare is $1.50.


The M-train runs about every 10 to 15 minutes on Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sunday (at 13, 33, and 53 after each hour).  For more information, go to the Transit 511.org trip planner.  Enter Market/Powell as the starting address and SFSU as the ending address.


Once at the SFSU M-line station, proceed to the Humanities Building.  You can access an SFSU campus map at:  http://www.sfsu.edu/~sfsumap/

The M-line station is located at I-10 on the map, and the Humanities Building is located at H-5.  Seminar events will take place on the third floor of the Humanities Building.




For those participants flying into the Bay Area, you can get to the Chancellor Hotel very easily (and cheaply) via the BART from either San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or Oakland International Airport (OAK). 


From SFO, take the BART to the Powell Street station; from that station, the hotel is just a short walk up the street.  The one-way fare is $5.15.  For the BART schedule and info on where to catch the train at the airport, click here.


From Oakland Airport, take AirBart from the airport to the main Oakland train station.  Tickets are $2.  Once at the Oakland train station, you can catch the BART to the Powell Street station.  The one-way fare is $3.35.  For more information on getting the AirBart at Oakland airport as well as the BART fares and schedule to Union Square, click here.





We will be holding the conference dinner on Saturday evening at Malai Thai.  The restaurant is located at 3189 16th Street (which is between Guerrero and Valencia in the Mission District).  There are a limited number of spots available at the dinner.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Mary Domski (mdomski@unm.edu) to check on availability.  This is a pay-your-own-way event.




Below is some general information on how to get from SFSU to Malai Thai.  More detailed information will be provided on Saturday at the Seminar. 


It will take roughly 15 minutes to get to Malai Thai if you are driving or taking a taxi from the SFSU campus.  If you take public transportation, the trip will take approximately 30 minutes (including wait and walking time).  Take the M-train from the SFSU campus to Metro Church Station.  Walk south along Church to 16th Street and then head east along 16th for two blocks.  You will see the restaurant on your right after you cross over Guerrero.  For more information, including a map, go to the Transit 511.org trip planner.  Enter SFSU as the starting address and 3189 16th Street as the ending address.



 Contact Information
If you have any questions about the meeting, feel free to contact Alice Sowaal at asowaal@sfsu.edu.