Floor pump with built-in pressure gauge CO2 tire inflater
tire pressure gauges
Two types of air pressure gauges
Blue under-seat type small bike bag
Trunk type bag shown with pump in Velcro loops


You use a pump to push air back into your tube. Pumps come in a wide variety, including

  • Floor pumps -- the high volume kind typically kept in a garage or closet
  • Hand pumps -- small enough to carry on your bike with you
  • Rapid inflaters -- use CO2 cartridges to push air in quickly, with no arm exercise
  • Foot pump -- even small foot pumps are available in bike shops.

It is very useful to have a pump with you on your bike, not just in your garage. There are many small hand pumps available for purchase, which come with mounting equipment to attach to your bicycle frame for easy carrying and access.

Tire gauge

An over-inflated tire can be an explosion hazard, and an under-inflated tire can mean anything from a dull performance to a damaged rim and/or tire. A stick- or dial-type tire gauge, allowing you to quickly check your tire pressure can be purchases inexpensively (or in some cases free from a tire shop or a motor club).


Many bicycles have rapid-release hubs, which just require the flip of a lever and a turn or two. However, some bikes still use standard nuts to hold the wheel axle to the fork. If your bike has a nut, a single hand wrench wil be needed. Instead of depriving your tool kit of its wrench, one that will serve the purpose can be found at most any dollar store.

Bike bag

An array of small bags are available, which attach under the back of a bicycle seat, to the handlebars, in a corner of the frame, or to an over-wheel rack. If you already carry a bag on your bike, such as a trunk-type bag on a rack, or an under-seat bag, it may be big enough to hold your flat tire repair kit -- assuming you attach your pump to your frame, that is. If you do not already carry a bag on your bike, it might be a good investment to keep your ability to repair a flat with you.

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