Naomi Lapidus Shin


I currently hold a joint position in the University of New Mexico’s Hispanic Linguistics Program in the Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese and the Department of Linguistics. My primary interests include bilingualism and child language acquisition. My research examines patterns of morphosyntactic variation, examining how these patterns are acquired during childhood and how they change in situations of language contact. Much of my research has focused on Spanish spoken in a variety of regions in Mexico and the U.S., including New York City, Washington/Montana, and, more recently, New Mexico. I have two corpora of spoken Spanish, one consisting of narratives produced by monolingual children in Mexico and the other of narratives produced by the (bilingual) children of migrant workers in Washington and Montana. I have used these corpora to investigate topics related to the development of constraints on morphosyntactic variation, in particular: Spanish subject pronoun expression, variable clitic placement and, more recently, subject-verb word order. 

Here is a clip of me talking about bilingualism on Univisión: Naomi Shin on Univisión


At UNM I teach the following classes: Spanish Sociolinguistics, Language in Society, Language Change, Spanish-English Bilingualism, Spanish in the U.S., Childhood Bilingualism, Advanced Spanish Grammar