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Course Descriptions

Navajo 101-102  - Elementary Conversational Navajo for  Non-  Native Speakers  (3, 3):


 Beginning Navajo for  students with no previous exposure to  the  language. Development of all four language skills, with  emphasis  on listening and speaking. {101–Fall, Spring, 102–Fall, Spring}

Navajo 103  - Basic Medical Navajo (3):  

Fundamentals of  Navajo for students in the medical  profession.  Does not satisfy language requirement of College  of  Arts and  Sciences.  {Offered on demand}

 Navajo 105 -  Introduction to Written Navajo for Native  Speakers. (3):  

Introduction to Navajo  writing and reading; for native  speakers  of Navajo only. 101 and  105 may not both be  counted for credit.  {105 -Fall }


Sierra Blanca Peak