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Navajo 311-511  - Navajo Verb System I (3)  

This course focuses on Navajo phonology verb morphology and  multifaceted nature of Navajo verb complex. Will also cover  introduction to prefix template of Navajo verb, verb paradigms in  imperfective mode, and its four sub-modes. Prerequisite: 202 and  206.

 Navajo 312-512 - Navajo Verb System II (3)

The course continues study of the verb paradigms in Navajo and  introduces the perfective, usitative, iterative, progressive and  future modes. Extensive discussion on Navajo aspectual variation,  stem alternations, conjugation patterns and verb parsing.  Prerequisite: 311 or 511.

 Navajo 315-515 - Advanced Navajo (3)

An examination of Navajo syntax, including voice alternations (passive, causative), relative and subordinate clause constructions and discourse structure. Prerequisite: 202 or 206.

Navajo 401-501 - Navajo Linguistics (3)

Introduction to Navajo linguistics including examination of the  nature and structure of the language. Linguistics areas  including phonetics and phonology, syntax, semantics,  pragmatics and sociolinguistics will be covered. Prerequisite: 202 and 206.


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