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 Dził Nááyisii, Bee’eldiildahsinil

  Sandia Mountains, Albuquerque


40 years of Navajo at UNM

  Since 1970, the Navajo language has been taught at the University   of New Mexico.                    

  In April 2011, the Navajo Program marked it's 40th anniversary.

  From the first 40 students enrolled in beginning Navajo in 1970,   the  program has grown to offer a minor in Navajo and advanced   language  studies with a concentration in Native Languages of the   Southwest in  the Linguistics master’s degree program.

  Housed in the Department of Linguistics and supported through   the  years by the New Mexico state legislature and various grants,   the  Navajo (Diné) Program has made major contributions to the   study of  Navajo, bilingual teacher training and the publication of   Navajo  Literacy materials.

  The four decades of dedicated effort have enabled the successes   of  generations of students, many of whom come to the program   from  the historic Navajo colleges to continue work on their four-   year  degrees.