Brain Test

1. Cerebral cortex means:

         "little gray cells"      "thinking area"      "brain rind"

2. About how much does your brain weigh?
        1/2 pound      1 pound      3 pounds      5 pounds

3. The most common excitatory neurotransmitter in the brain has a chemical structure similar to:
        gunpowder     caffeine     a Chinese food additive

4. Your fastest conducting nerve fibers conduct impulses at about:
        10 mph     200 mph     1000 mph     the speed of light

5. The number of cells in your brain is equal to approximately 20 x the population of:
        New Mexico     the United States     the world

6. The substance that surrounds large nerve fibers is made up mainly of:
        fat      starch     protein     cartilage

7. The range from the softest discernible to painfully loud sound pressure waves is:
        100x     1000x   10000x    1000000x

8. Your most accurately controlled muscels are:
        leg muscles     eye muscles     finger muscles     arm muscles

9. Your are more likely to have a dream:
        when you first fall asleep     early in the morning     while sleep walking

10. In the majority of people, the language areas of the brain are:
        on the left side     on the right side     on both sides     in the center


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