How To Join?

Simply fill out the form in this brochure and mail it with your membership dues to the address given. You will be sent an acknowledgement of your membership and begin receiving newsletters and pertinent in-formation within two weeks. Membership is open to all elementary, secondary, and college teachers of the social studies or social sciences. Administrators, supervisory personnel, curriculum specialists, preservice social studies student teachers, and researchers are welcome.

What does it Cost?

Annual membership dues are $15. The membership year runs from Nov. 15 of one year to Nov. 14 of the next year. A special membership for preservice and student teachers of the social studies is available for $5.

Annual Calendar

  • Late Fall- Annual conference and exhibits
  • Four Times Annually- Newsletter published
  • Bimonthly- NMCSS Board of Directors meets to plan activities
Other activities and programs are added as needed/requested by members.

Printable NMCSS Membership Form

Copy and complete form.

Makes checks payable to NMCSS.

Mail form and check to:

Frances Garcia
2827 Don Quixote
Santa Fe, NM 87505
471-0408 (H)


Teaching with Primary Sources presented by the Library Of Congress
February 4 5
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque
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