The New Mexico Musical Heritage Project


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Please be patient as this website takes shape over the coming weeks and come back regularly to check the progress of the students.

The students are well into the second semester of class. Currently, they are working on finishing up their tops. Everyday in class, between bits of conversation, one can hear the sounds of scrapers and sand paper drawn across the spruce tops. It has taken many, many hours of work for the students to get to this point, and while their work is looking more and more like a violin, there will be many more hours until they are near completion. During breaks in the building process the students are planing their trip to Cremona, Italy in the fall of 2009, and studying fantastic examples of great old instruments. They also do a bit of study in traditional Southwestern music.


One April 7th, the students participated in the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Conference. We played a few tunes in the morning and answered many questions throughout the day. We would like to thank everyone who stopped by to watch us work and as well as those who had questions about our project and the process of violin making.
We learned today that our project won a prize in the creativity class. We are honored to have received this great honor because the other exhibits were great.


The semester is well underway and the class is preparing to visit Italy and the home town of Antonio Stradivari, Cremona. Last week, the class performed a few tunes at the Local Trasures award ceremony where Dr. White received an award as one of nine local treasures in the Albuquerque community. On October 1, the class will be performing in Cremona as the opening act of the Cremona Mondo Musica Festival. Dr. White will lecture on the history of violin making and playing in New Mexico followed by the music the class is studying.

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