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The following Alumni have Crossed The Bar

- Fair Winds and Following Seas -



George Patrick "Pat" Dunigan, Jr.

           Pat Dunigan, a 45 year resident of Newport Beach died quietly at his home September 10, 2004.  Pat had bravely battled can­cer for several years.

           Born November 10th 1930 in Pasadena, he began coming to Bal­boa in the mid 1930's with his parents.  After graduation from Cathedral High School in LA, he attended John Muir Junior College before going to the University of New Mexico with the Navy ROTC program and received a Civil Engineering degree.  Pat worked summers skippering excursion boats out of the Bal­boa Fun Zone.  He joined Balboa Yacht Club as a junior member in 1949.  Pat and Joyce later became a part of the Lido 14 Fleet where friendships developed that became the core of their so­cial life.

           After three years in the Navy, Pat began his Engineering career with the City of Fullerton.  In 1959 he joined the Newport Beach Public Works Department and as the City's Field Engineer, over­saw the construction inspection of the city's streets, utilities, subdivisions, public buildings and parks for 34 years as over 50% of the city was developed.  His unique ability and attention to detail allowed him to foresee potential construction problems before they occurred which gave the city long lasting improve­ments.

           Several years before retiring from the city in 1993, the Dunigans bought a motor home and began the travels which have taken them three times around the US and to all 48 of the contiguous states.  A favorite trip was to the September Wooden Boat Festi­val in Port Townsend, WA.

           He is survived by Joyce, his wife of 38 years and daughter Erin.

           A memorial service was held at the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Chapel on September 24th.  His ashes were spread at sea in a private ceremony.

           The family suggests that donations in the name of George "Pat" Dunigan be made to the Hoag Hospital Foundation, P.O. Box 6100, Newport Beach, CA 92658.  This will benefit the Tomo­graphy Program, a new, state of the art cancer treatment which is in development.  Pat requested these donations, which in the future will help to fight cancers such as his.


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