The Border Fence Project - Survey

Between February 2008 and January 2009, OCA performed numerous archeological surveys and data recovery projects to facilitate archeological clearance for the construction of the international border fence between the United States and Mexico. Conducted for Gulf South Research Corporation of Baton Rouge, LA, the project took place along the International Border west of El Paso and in the New Mexico’s Boot Heel. Over 177 linear miles of border fence patrol roads, access roads and staging areas were surveyed and 178 sites were documented. Most of the prehistoric sites are believed to date to the Middle and Late Archaic period although Formative and historic period sites are also well represented in the region. A small number of sites have been suggested to be of protohistoric origin.

One of the historic monuments commemorating the establishment of
the new US-Mexico border


Metal horse gear discovered at an early 20th century site

Other historic period artifacts from an early 20th century site


Fragmentary projectile points found at a Late Archaic site

Safety of the OCA field crew is ensured by the US Border Patrol


Historic period artifacts documented at a 1920s homestead

A pile of melted adobe covering a concrete house foundation from
a 1920s homestead


Shell button discovered at a 20th century site