Cochiti Lake Recreation Area Survey

In 2006, OCA archeologists conducted a 145.63-acre cultural resources survey of the Cochiti Lake Recreation Area and two proposed water tank locations on adjacent properties , on behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Albuquerque District.  This survey was performed in anticipation of rehabilitation, modernization, and expansion of the existing campground and day-use area.  As a result of this survey, OCA personnel documented 12 new sites, redocumented 1 previously recorded site, and identified 34 isolated occurrences consisting of 92 individual artifacts.  Site artifact assemblages indicate the area was used primarily for procurement and initial reduction of lithic raw materials from the Sierra Ladrones Formation gravels.  OCA personnel also documented one agricultural production site consisting of a water/soil control feature and a possible fieldhouse.


OCA archeologists laying out a recording transect across a concentration of surface artifacts


Rubble mound of indeterminate function

Large rubble mound of indeterminate function


OCA archeologist documenting an agricultural feature (pinflags denote rock alignments)