Archeological Data Recovery Program at LA 26917: VC02 (Road B) Mitigation, Valles Caldera National Preserve, New Mexico

Authors: F. Scott Worman, Christopher A. Turnbow, Yuichi Nakazawa, and Richard C. Chapman (2009)

Pages: 192, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-908B

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The Scorpion Site (LA 119530): Changing Land Use Patterns on an Alluvial Fan in Alamogordo, New Mexico

Authors: Christopher A. Turnbow and Alexander Kurota (2008)

Pages: 448, OCA/UNM Report No. 185-828


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A Cultural Resources Survey of the Cochiti Lake Recreation Area and Two Proposed Water Tank Locations, Sandoval and Santa Fe Counties, New Mexico

Authors: Robin M. Cordero and Patrick Hogan (2007)

Pages: 62, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-899

Cultural resources survey of 58 acres near Cochiti Dam was conducted in preparation for rehabilitation of existing campground and day-use facilities. 

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Archeological Testing at Alameda Pueblo (LA 421): Bernalillo  County, New Mexico

Authors: Brian Cribbin and Christopher A. Turnbow (2007)

Pages: 84, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-922


Geophysical survey and limited subsurface testing activities were undertaken at the Alameda Pueblo (LA 421), a Classic and Spanish Colonial period Tiwa settlement located on the grounds of Alameda Elementary School, Bernalillo County, New Mexico.  The work was conducted in advance of a campus-wide drainage improvement project. The report contains a brief history of the Alameda Pueblo, the results of remote sensing and archeological testing, and a data recovery plan.


Data Recovery Investigations at the Wingate School Site (NM-Q-36-3/LA 76041) Fort Wingate, Iyanbito Chapter, McKinley County, New Mexico

Authors: Christopher A. Turnbow and David E. DeMar (2007)

Pages: 100, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-807

Excavations document the presence of of a late Pueblo I-early Pueblo II fieldhouse, a historic Navajo Camp dating from the 1800s, and a trash midden dating from the late 1800s to modern times. In addition a stone spillway associated with a water detention features possibly used during the military occupation of Fort Wingate in the late 1880s is described.


Southeastern New Mexico Regional Research Design and Resource Management Strategy

Author: Patrick Hogan (2007)

Pages: 216, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-849

Prepared for the USDI Bureau of Land Management, this research design synopsizes previous archeological data from a 9-county region of SE New Mexico to identify the extent of knowledge, data voids, and critical research issues underlying current understanding of past cultural behavior in this understudied landscape. Based upon analytical mapping of known archeological features against geomorphology, drainage basin patterns and landform physiography, a series of approaches guiding future survey and excavation efforts for the region are proposed.


The Volcano Vista High School Site: Excavations at LA 134636 on the West Mesa of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico

Author: Alexander Kurota (2006)

Pages: 70

OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-871

In 2006, OCA excavated a small site reflecting a Pueblo IV period Ancestral Puebloan fieldhouse with a nearby Archaic camp located on the West Mesa of Albuquerque. Artifact analysis shows differences in lithic tool manufacture and their use. Contains maps with artifact distributions and artifact illustrations.


Class III Cultural Resources Inventory of 435 Acres in Pueblo Blanco Country, Galisteo Basin, New Mexico

Author: Alexander Kurota (2006)

Pages: 146

OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-880

In the fall of 2005, OCA conducted an archeological survey within and around the ruins of Pueblo Blanco, a large Pueblo IV period settlement located in the Galisteo Basin. Thirty-nine sites dating to the Archaic, Ancestral Pueblo, and historic period are described. Includes many photographs, site maps, and illustrations of agricultural terraces, grid gardens, check dams, masonry fieldhouses, and rock art motifs.

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Across the Caja del Rio Plateau III: Hunters and Farmers in the Northern Rio Grande; Archeological Investigations at 10 Sites in the NMARNG Camel Tracks Training Area, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Editors: Peggy A. Gerow and Patrick Hogan (2005)

Pages: 264

OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-845

This publication is the third volume reporting on the excavation of additional 10 sites in the NMARNG Camel Tracks Training Area on La Bajada Mesa. Synthesis of sites and features for the entire project is offered.


The Armijo-Socorro Watershed Project: Archeological Survey

Authors: Janette Elyea, Peggy Gerow, Catherine Heyne, Adrienne Actis, and Alexander Kurota (2005)

Pages: 84

OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-859

In 2004, OCA conducted an archeological survey of 12 parcels totalling 1630 acres near the towns of Quemado and Socorro, New Mexico. Forty-five sites spaning from the Paleoindian to historic periods were recorded. Contains several maps of Formative Puebloan sites with roomblocks.


Archeological Survey of the Santa Fe Canyon Ranch, Santa Fe County, New Mexico

Author: Trevor Kludt (2005)

Pages: 55

OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-868

In the late summer of 2005, OCA conducted an intensive survey of 1317 acres of Santa Fe Canyon Ranch land located southeast of La Bajada Mesa, NM. Fifty-four sites dating from the Paleoindian to the post-World War II period were documented. A very large check dam site and a historic Navajo locus with extensive masonry architecture were also documented. Numerous site maps, photos, and artifact illustrations are included.


Archeological Testing and Geophysical Prospection at the Reported Foster Ranch UFO Impact Site, Lincoln County, New Mexico

Author: William H. Doleman (2003)

Pages: 68, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-769

A one-of-a-kind publication investigates alleged reporting of a UFO crash site near Roswell, New Mexico. Remote sensing data were employed to assess the extent of "impact" at the crash site. Alll recovered archeological evidence is presented in this volume.


Cultural Resources Survey for the Bosque Wildfire Project: Fire Prevention Phase in Bernalillo and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico

Author: J. Robert Estes (2005)

Pages: 86, OCA/UNM Report No.: 185-839


This report presents 1119 acres of land surveyed within the bosque of Bernalillo and Sandoval counties in New Mexico. Ten sites associated with surface water transport and agriculture were documented. Contains numerous site maps and photographs.



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