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F. Scott Worman (BA History, MS Anthropology, PhD Candidate UNM) has 10 years experience in archeological project design, survey, excavation, analysis, and reporting in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, Portugal, and Costa Rica. His primary research interests are in geoarcheology and environmental archeology, with emphases on landscape change and human – environment interactions. Worman has served as a Senior Archaeologist at OCA since 2009. He has worked as a Field Director, Crew Chief, Geoarchaeology Specialist, Crew Member, and Lab Technician on more than 20 projects in New Mexico. Among these are survey and excavation projects in the Valles Caldera National Preserve, at Chaco Culture National Historic Park, at San Marcos Pueblo, on the Camel Tracks Training Area, and for the Los Alamos National Laboratories Land Transfer Project, in addition to excavations of Archaic, Developmental, Classic, and historic period sites along the Mid-American Pipeline expansion project, at Alameda Pueblo, along Highway 380 adjacent to Mockingbird Gap, and at numerous sites on Albuquerque’s West Mesa. Worman is also the resident geoarcheologist and lab director for OCA/UNM. He has taught courses in Archeological Theory and in Laboratory Methods and assisted in instructing field schools for the University of New Mexico. He has completed six graduate seminars and laboratory courses on geology, soil science and geomorphology, including advanced seminars in Colorado Plateau Geomorphology, Environmental Geomorphology and Hillslope Process Geomorphology. He has written three articles about his geoarcheological research for peer-reviewed journals, published over a dozen professional reports, and given more than 20 professional and public presentations. His dissertation is a geoarcheological investigation of human – environment interactions in southeastern Portugal during the Islamic Period.