Survey of US Forest Service Road Near Datil, New Mexico

In Mid-November 2007, the Office of Contract Archeology conducted a survey of a 1.5-mile long segment of an unpaved road located on Cibola National Forest near Datil, New Mexico. Four archeological sites and 18 isolated occurrences were documented during this undertaking. Two of the sites (LA 158155 and LA 158157) are believed to be affiliated with the 20th century sheep herding, while the other two (LA 158156 and LA 158158) are lithic scatters of which the latter probably dates to the Late Archaic period.

Sandstone mano (left) and a rhyolite knife (right) found on the surface
of an Archaic site


Detail of embossing on three metal cans found at a historic site

Late Archaic projectile point of rhyolite (left) and a chalcedony flake (right) found on the surface of an archeological site


Overview of project area