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Brian Cribbin  BA, University at Buffalo; MA, University of New Mexico

Brian Cribbin has been participating in archaeological projects since 2000, including work in the Near East, New York, New Mexico, and Colorado. He has been a field supervisor at OCA since 2007. His notable work includes multiple surveys totaling 1341 acres of US Army Corps of Engineers land on the Plains of New Mexico and Colorado, a multiple-crew survey of 935 acres in the Rio Chama Wildlife Management Area; and excavations in the Middle Rio Grande Basin and the foothills of the Chuska Mountains. Mr. Cribbin spent five months as a USDA Forest Service Ranger providing presentations on local, regional, and world archaeology to the public at the visitors’ centers of the Sandia Ranger District. Additionally, he has expertise in total station and transit mapping, GPS instrumentation, and the use of AutoCAD for digital translation of figures and maps. His current research interests include the development of site predictive models.